All 10 tips for Women Suffering From Yeast Infection

Because vaginal thrush or, vaginal yeast infection as it is more frequently referred to, is very popular, although several women fall short to realize that prevention is better than cure, there are ways you can take to avoid yeast infections either recurring or occurring, which may be integrated into your everyday lifestyle with the least amount of effort or fuss.

The major reason why women are infected with genital yeast more often than men is basically because of the ‘design’ of the female nether regions. It is the ideal environment which is moist, dark and warm for yeasts to thrive and accommodate. So a great part of what you are required to do, is to make sure that environment is less accommodating to the bacteria to survive.

Here are Ten Tips to keep in mind when either preventing a vaginal yeast infection or when suffering from it:

Maintain a Healthy Diet
This involves minimizing your intake of sugar and eating nutritious foods, which may fuel yeast. We believe that all dairy products cause the problem. It is very significant to keep an eye on your nutrition intake, as it’s frequently causing the yeasts infection. Best advice is to consult our naturopath in the clinic. Often our private chef service is needed to make the real difference.

Wear Cotton Underwear
You want to maintain your lady parts as dry as probable, free from moisture and warmth because yeast develops in moist environments. One means to do this is to be using underwear produce from natural fabrics, such as silk and cotton; they absorb dampness, leaving your vagina as healthily dry as possible. Synthetic stuff such as blended and nylon materials stick to your body too closely, making you the main target for infection.
Stay Away From Scented Feminine Hygiene Products and Soaps
All the chemicals that are artificial which are put into scented feminine hygiene products do not vest good. Dyes and perfumes irritate the inner of the vagina and boost the risk of a yeast infection. And similar thing goes for scented soaps and anything else that comes in contact with your goods. So train your vagina to say no to scented bubble baths, fruity body wash and printed or colored toilet paper. Keep it simple.

Go Commando as much as possible
Not wearing underwear to bed promotes airflow, as does wearing breathable cotton underwear. Thongs are out, because they are a tightrope for bacteria to walk across from your rectum to your vagina. Also do not wear panty liners, which restrict airflow. If you have lots of itching and irritation down there, we actually recommend you skip wearing underwear through the day.

Choose Personal Lubricants Wisely
Glycerin-based lubricants can feed yeast, so select water-based products or natural plant or. And if you use sex toys, make sure it is always clean them. Best is coconut oil.

In addition to getting probiotic (in sauerkraut, soy milk, pickles and dark chocolate, among other foods) from your diet, you can as well try supplements. Check with our naturopath.

Washing the Vagina?
Avoid using soap when cleaning the vaginal area. Rinse with water only. Step away from the soap and harsh cleansers. The vagina keeps itself clean, variety of glands produce fluids needed to both lubricate and cleanse the vaginal area without need of any soap.

Take Herbal Medicine
Immune-boosting Herbs can assist to prevent recurrent yeast infections. Consult our naturopath to get the right kind of herbs and dosage.


If you tried to clear out the yeast overgrowth with diet cleansing methods. For the candida, diet management alone is not often enough to clear the system, or it will take a very long time. Combining proper diet with Chinese herbs and acupuncture can achieve this goal much faster.

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