Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is when one faces certain problems with their hand such as the sensation of tingling, numbness or weakness in certain parts. This is primarily caused by the pressure on Median Nerve which is located on the wrist. Without going into the technical details, Median Nerve can be traced from the forearm to the hand through a minute space present the wrist. It is responsible for the movement of the first three fingers and the thumb.

How Does Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Rise?
As mention before the pressure exerted on the median nerve causes the syndrome but the stress caused is not limited to the physical strain but is deeply linked to diseases such as Diabetes, Arthritis, Hypothyroidism, and Rheumatoid. For women, CTS (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome) may also be due to pregnancy.

While mild symptoms can be treated at home by taking care of the wrist and refraining from lifting heavy objects, it is strongly advised to consult a physician to properly find out about the condition. With Chinese medicine, the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be easily countered and addressed. We may also suggest LASER Acupuncture based on the health and condition of the patient. Tuina, a famous Chinese medical massage will also be of great help in reducing the pain and helping through the syndrome.

What Could Be The Possible Symptoms of CTS?
The signs of CTS are often found by the condition of hand and irregular sensations present in it. Mostly it is numbness present in all the fingers except the little finger while for others, it could be due to the pain present in the forearm, i.e. between the hand and the elbow.

Your doctor may inquire about your illnesses and medical history. You might be asked about Arthritis, Diabetes or Hypothyroidism along with certain sharp pains under forearm, hands, and neck. To diagnose further, your doctor may ask you to take blood or nerve tests to study further about your condition.

To find more about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or whether you suspect its symptoms, feel free to visit Nei Jing Center of Chinese Medicine in Jerusalem. There are no charges for the consultation and is absolutely free. Nei Jin Center of Chinese Medicine will be more than happy to identify, diagnose and help you get well.


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