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The Nei Jing Center of Chinese Medicine is at the forefront of advanced complimentary medicine services in Israel. The center combines routine medical care together with Chinese medicine, and promotes cooperation with international medical centers, researchers and medical experts in Israel and abroad, and has been achieving impressive results with its many patients.DSC_0121

The clinic is located in a prestigious area of Jerusalem, 36 King Hezekiah Street, with a cozy atmosphere thanks to its European design. However, the prices are affordable, and each patient is coupled with a suitable healer.

Since the opening of the Nei Jing Center in 2008, patients from all over the country, from the north (Haifa) and south (Be'er Sheva) have requested treatment, including diplomats, celebrities, students, business men and women, children and adults from all types of population, each with their own problem that bothers them.

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Founder of the clinic:
Shimon Paul Friedlander Dip.Ac
A Chinese medicine expert, graduated from both Reidman College in Jerusalem and the Chinese University of Chengdu. In his many years in the field of Chinese medicine Friedlander kept on educating himself and participated in many advanced

DSC_0632_(2) study programs in both Europe and the Far East.
Throughout his career Friedlander has gained experience and expertise in the field of advanced acupuncture techniques and precise diagnostics that allow him to give focused and precise care.

Friedlander is one of the leading Israeli therapists in the field of laser acupuncture, due to his extensive training in the field from national and international experts including Dr. Webber.

For treatment we use:

Acupuncture | Laser Acupuncture | Tuina | Chinese Herbs | Naturopathy  | Nutrition


P.M.S, infertility, The 5 important Ovulation Symptoms, Candida, vaginal itching, burning and pain during urination , pain during sexual intercourse, weight loss after pregnancy, inducing birth, post-natal depression, endometriosis, overavtive bladder, yeast infection, polycystic ovary syndrome, menopause, pre- and post-natal health.

Acupuncture | Laser Acupuncture | Tuina | Chinese Herbs | Naturopathy  | Nutrition


Abdominal pain, ADD/ADHD, asthma, bedwetting, behavioral problems, bitingothers, colic, constipation, developmental delays, developmental disorders, diarrhea, earaches, eczema, headaches, night crying, poor sleep, quarrelsomeness, seizures, stuttering, vomiting milk, preventive healthcare.

Acupuncture | Laser Acupuncture | Tuina | Chinese Herbs | Naturopathy  | Nutrition


Low back pain, stiff and painful neck, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, hip/groin pain, whiplash, knee pain, sciatica, disk herniation, acute injuries, sprained ankle, plantar fascitits, injuries from golf, tennis, track, contact sports

Acupuncture | Laser Acupuncture | Tuina | Chinese Herbs | Naturopathy  | Nutrition

Digestive system in Chinese Medicine

 Abdominal pain, irregular bowel movement, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcer, duodenal and stomach gastritis, bloating and gas, abdominal pain in children, reflux – nausea and heartburn, inflammatory bowel disease – crohn's and colitis, hemorrhoids

Acupuncture | Laser Acupuncture | Tuina | Chinese Herbs | Naturopathy  | Nutrition


Libido, Sex drive, Asexuality, Hypersexuality, Hypoactive Sexual desire disorder, compulsive masturbation, compulsive sexual behavior, cybersex addiction, sexual addiction, sexual dependency, sexual impulsivity, Vulvar vestibulitis, Candidiasis, yeast infection, Premature ejaculation, difficulty reaching an orgasm, post-ejaculation pain, vaginal dryness, candida, vaginal itching, post-sex fatigue, erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire, vestibulitis,  pain after having sex, testicular pain, itching genitals, vaginal thrush,vaginitis, excessive vaginal discharge, excess sexuality, vaginal odor, excessive vaginal secretion,Pantiliners cause odor discharge.

Acupuncture | Laser Acupuncture | Tuina | Chinese Herbs | Naturopathy  | Nutrition

Treating pre-operation anxiety

Our address:
36 Hizkiyahu Hamelech , Old Katamon, Jerusalem

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Nei Jing
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36 Hizkiyahu Hamelech , Old Katamon, Jerusalem