Facial Skin Care

Doing it the Chinese way (because a billion Chinese can't go wrong)

Everything about Facial Acupuncture

What is it?

Facial acupuncture is an ancient treatment method for rejuvenating the appearance of facial skin and treatment of various esthetic elements. The method is based on Chinese medicine, without injections or surgical procedures.

Facial acupuncture can significantly improve the skin's appearance and its quality, and provide the patient with a younger look by 5-10 years, as well as improve their overall health, energy, quality of sleep, vitality and joy of life.

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We at the Nei-Jing Clinic provide you with all the information you need. We have no doubt that once learn about facial skin acupuncture, its background and its many benefits, you will contact us in order to do what everyone wants to do – look young!

When did it start?

Evidence of Mei-Rong (Chinese cosmetics) has been found in letters since the time of the Song dynasty, which ruled China in the years 960-1270 AD. Chinese cosmetic treatments were given to the Chinese aristocracy, especially the emperor's wives and mistresses.

In the Yellow Emperor's medicine book, Su Wen, it is stated: "Women after the age of 35 have a weakened Yang Ming (energetic layer of the stomach and colon), therefore their facial skin begins to dry up, and their hair starts falling out. In women who are 42 years old, the three Yangs start to weaken, therefore their facial skin will become drier and their hair will turn gray. In Men who are 48 years old, the Yang energy is weakened, therefore their facial skin will become drier and their hair will turn gray at the temples…"

Ancient texts state that the emperor's mistresses used to care for their facial skin using acupuncture and medicinal herbs, in order to preserve their youth.


The modern technology was developed in one of Beijing's hospitals, when doctors, who treated patients with different types of facial paralysis using acupuncture, noticed that in addition to an improvement in their health, the treatment yielded unexpected results. The patients started having healthier complexions, deep wrinkles were less noticed, and shallow wrinkles disappeared completely, improving general skin appearance, color, elasticity and vitality.

These findings led to a revival of the old traditional treatment – cosmetic acupuncture.

China had been politically isolated for many years until relationships with other countries warmed up following US president's visit in China in 1972. Following this presidential visit, the world was exposed to the "traditional Chinese medicine" – a treatment that started growing popular across the globe. Once China started opening up before the world, the secrets of acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment were studied around the world, and today they are available to anyone who wants to look younger.



How does it benefit me?

Health aspect: The treatment encourages skin cell metabolism, toxin drainage and creation of new skin cells, significantly improving the elasticity of facial muscles, strengthening and stretching them. Acupuncture slows the aging process by takin advantage of the skin's natural potential to recreate and sustain itself. In addition, it improves the elasticity of the facial muscles, "lifts" the muscles and thickens the dermis and epidermis by encouraging increased production of collagen and elastin.

During the treatment process, the functionality of every internal organ improves, together with their respective energy channels, throughout the whole body.

Esthetic aspect: Acupuncture starts a process of refreshment, skin cells renewal, production of natural collagen and elastin, and rejuvenation of facial skin, also improving and enhancing the Qi (life energy) and oxygen supply to the tissues, due to increased blood flow to the face area. Later in the process, the treatment adds moisture to the skin from the inside out, so that wrinkles are filled and blurred, using only the body's natural resources.

We at the Nei-Jing Clinic take care of and pay great attention to the health aspect as well as the esthetic aspect.

What is treated?

Facial skin directly, and through it the entire body.

Did you know?

The human skin, which envelopes each and every one of us, represents the external border between a human being and the environment.

The skin has many functions. It prevents penetration of harmful elements, prevents dehydration, preserves body temperature, and receives information from the environment through the sense of touch. The skin is the largest organ in the body, its weight is 15% of the total body weight.

Skin thickness varies according to different areas of the body. It is thick around the hands and feet, and thin around the eyelids. According to Chinese medicine, the skin is also called the "third lung". The skin receives energetic sustenance from the lungs, stomach fluids, small intestine and colon, kidney and bladder. Therefore, the facial skin vitality, elasticity and shine stem from this sustenance of internal fluids and external environmental factors.

Cosmetic acupuncture balances and improves the flow of energy and fluids throughout the entire body, especially in the facial skin area.

How can I set up a treatment?

Contact the Nei-Jing Clinic and set up a meeting with Yulia Zorvsky, our expert in cosmetic acupuncture and acupuncture for facial skin health.

At your meeting, explain to her what you want, and she will provide an acupuncture treatment in the appropriate places.

During the treatment, Yulia will insert needles in the face area, about 50% of which will be in meridian points. The rest of the needles will be inserted directly into skin pathologies such as wrinkles, pigmentation spots, dark under-eye swelling, scarring, skin disease areas etc.

Yulia will focus on points that affect skin nutrients and moisture, points responsible for preventing pigmentation, under-eye shadows, increased hair loss, skin diseases and additional points depending on your general health situation, after diagnosis and careful questioning.

The number of treatments is personally tailored according to the patient's age, health and skin condition. Each treatment lasts about an hour and is done on a weekly basis. In most cases, the patient can see significant improvements at the end of a series of treatments. A monthly "maintenance" treatment will ensure preservation of the results and continued improvement for three to five years.

To watch the video, click here.

Is there any scientific evidence?

A study conducted in 2013 in Kyung Hee University, Korea, about the effect of facial cosmetic acupuncture on facial elasticity, showed an improvement in skin elasticity and Moire topography. Click here to read the study.

An article from 2007 published in "Acupuncture Today" by Dr. Anderson Wakefield explains that acupuncture improves skin quality by regulating the immune and endocrine system, reducing stress, and possibly by increasing local blood flow, thereby improving the properties of natural epidermal regeneration and synthesis of extracellular matrix protein such as collagen. Click here to read the article.

In 1996, the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture stated that among 350 people who received cosmetic acupuncture treatment, in approximately 98% of the cases there was a significant improvement in skin appearance after one set of treatments. The effects included a more radiant and fresh skin appearance, improved muscle flexibility, blurring of expression lines, removing of wrinkles, and in general a much younger and healthier look.

An interesting article from 2007, published in the New York Times, says "Hold the Chemicals, Bring on the Needles". Click here to read the article.

Who is it for?

The treatment is for everyone, anyone who wants to look younger, to renew the youthful look and revitalize the facial skin without the need for surgery or chemical injections.

You can start the treatment from the ages of 35-40, when the first signs of aging begin to appear.

The treatment is most effective for patients up to 60 years old, however since it is based on our natural body reserves, anyone can be treated at any age.

The treatment also significantly helps adolescents of 12-16 years to remove acne and improve skin condition.

In the following cases, Yulia will first treat the problem itself, and then treat with cosmetic acupuncture:

Patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, heavy smokers, pregnant women, people with heart problems, people suffering from blood clotting, people suffering from chronic migraine, people suffering from mental disorder who take prescription drugs, and people who have had non-local plastic surgery.

However, it is impossible to treat people who have had Botox or silicone procedures.

Who uses this treatment?

  • Hollywood stars – Allison Halter, Sandra Bullock, Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Claudia Schiffer, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and many others.
  • Upper class in major cities such as New York and Los Angeles, and even dogs.

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We're sure that you strive to maintain a long-term youthful appearance and want to increase your life energy.

Come to us at the Nei-Jing Clinic and you will receive a healthy and cosmetic treatment for your facial skin, by the capable hands of Yulia Zorvsky.