!Fifteen Tips For Clearer Skin

Nei Jing Center of Chinese Medicine Jerusalem compares the skin on your body to being as similar as a tablecloth on a table. Before going ahead and eating a meal, you would desire for a clean, clear, and smooth surface – just like your face, before beginning your day. Furthermore, once you finish your meal you would clean, clear and wipe down the tablecloth to establish a fresh, new surface, as you should for your face at the end of each use (at the end of each day). It is very important to continuouly cleanse your face of daily bacteria and natural oils in order to eliminate blockage and build up. Just like a tablecloth becoming moldy due to build up from food and liquids, the pores within your face will begin to develop pimples and blackheads as a result of built up bacteria and natural oils.



Provided Below Are Some Tips Which May Help To Keeping Your Skin Looking Its Best:

1. As stated above, ALWAYS cleanse your face of any make up/natural oils before going to sleep and when you wake up in the morning.

2. Using lukewarm water when cleansing your face would be the best option, as hot water tends to dry out the skin, and cold water will not open pores to allow for deep cleansing.

3. Exfoliate – This removes dead skin cells on the surface of the face while cleansing dirt blocked within pores to allow for an uplifting after-glow.




4. Wear sunscreen, your skin will thank you later. As UV rays from the sun hit your face during the day, a layer of sunscreen will allow for a shield of protection and keep your skin from getting spots and other imperfections.

5. Take it easy on the DAIRY. Many people experience or see a relation to breakouts and their dairy intake. Nei Jing Center of Chinese Medicine Jerusalem recommends swapping dairy yogurt or milk for non-dairy almond/coconut milk-based products.



6. Sugar has also known to be quite an instigator when it comes to breakouts. Try to refrain from sugar-binges and reach for fruits instead when craving something sweet.

7. Stay hydrated! Water is such a large role in maintaining clear, smooth skin as it helps to clear out toxins and keep your skin looking refreshed.

8. Renew your pillow case(s) on a weekly basis to keep your face free from excessive built up oils from your hair overnight.




9. Smoking tends to be a promoter for wrinkles as well as dull out your skin, therefore putting down that cigarette may help to lessen those affects.

10. The foods you are consuming play a great role on the reaction of your skin. Be mindful of your intake of fried, greasy, fast foods, coffee, sugar, dairy, and even alcohol as they tend to trigger acne and breakouts.

11. Take time to unwind and clear your mind, as stress will only promote breakouts.



12. Daily exercise will help to clear skin by eliminating toxicity from within the body – through sweat – as well as help to de-stress.

13. Keeps hands away from your face. Your fingers carry natural oils along with dirt that they pick up throughout the day, so best to keep them away to avoid plentiful breakouts.

14. Be sure to clean your makeup brushes regularly, as they tend to build up large amounts of bacteria and oils each time they are used. Nei Jing Center of Chinese Medicine Jerusalem recommends cleansing them easily with a drop of baby shampoo and warm water.




15. Get your beauty sleep! By allowing your body and mind recover and rejuvenate from a stressful day, your skin will thank you in the short and long run!


Lastly, take some days off from your daily makeup routine to allow for your face to breathe and relax; while your at it you might as well throw in a natural face mask or steam bath to gain full benefits. Refer to our post "Natural Remedies to Nourish Your Skin" to grab a natural, homemade face mask that you can easily make with ingredients found in your home.



Sheri Shmuel

Sheri Shmuel

Sheri Shmuel

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