Frequencies of Dr. Paul Nogier

Nogier A – 292Hz: UNIVERSAL, SKIN

Universal frequency, treats the Ectoderm, different skin diseases as special in the face area, nerve system, spine. Healing wounds or scare after surgery. In use to treat an embryo in pregnancy. In pediatrics: For children who had a hard time as embryos in the womb. Eye, ear, teeth, spinal cord and brain.

Nogier B – 584Hz: DIGEST

In use for digestive disorders, treats inner organs: Liver, gallbladder, lung, Bladder. Because of the connection to the digestive system it is great with all parasympathetic nervous system diseases.


Bone, ligaments, tendons, blood and Lymph system, breast tissues, breastfeeding disorders, breast pain, gynecology disorders, ovaries, testicles. Muscle pain, stiff muscle.

Nogier D – 2336Hz: CHRONIC

Chronic disease. No Progress in treatment

Nogier E – 4672 Hz: PAIN

Manly in use for Pain control in our clinic.

Nogier F – 9344Hz: MENTAL

Mental imbalance, depression, anxiety, headache, anger. It has an impact on the jaw. The Perfect Frequency for TMJ.

Nogier G – 18688Hz: IMAGEN

The Nogier G Frequency is a amazing with treating some really hard cases, in our clinic we use the frequency on daily bases and see perfect result with it. The Nogier G frequency has an impact of the cerebral cortex of the brain and is in used in treatment in our clinic for:
Adhd, Hyperactivity, nightmares, bed wetting, behavioral problems, developmental disorders, night crying,

Sex drive, Asexuality, Hyper sexuality, Hypo-active Sexual desire disorder, compulsive masturbation, compulsive sexual behavior, cybersex addiction, sexual addiction, sexual dependency, sexual impulsivity, Vulvar vestibulitis, premature ejaculation, difficulty reaching an orgasm.

Psychosomatic frequency and reaches the eye.

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