Laser Acupuncture

When the pain doesn't stop, when unpleasant body malfunctions appear, when the disease simply does not pass. That is the right time to seek painless Chinese acupuncture treatment – the safe and effective treatment with laser.

According to Chinese medicine, every disease or symptom is caused by an imbalance in a person's energetic charge. In the human body, there are unique "meridian points" that connect the internal organs, and a "vital energy" 36377493_lflows along those points. According to this theory, diseases are caused by interruptions in the energy flow. Laser acupuncture therapy in some of the hundreds of meridian points in the body, as required, restores the proper flow. Acupuncture along the energy channels in our body affects the chi, the energy of life, and encourages the body to heal itself.

How is the laser treatment performed in the Nei-Jing Clinic?


Part A – forming a laser treatment plan:

  1. The first visit will start by a comprehensive questioning about your health condition and the problems you suffer from. You will be asked to present the medical documents in your possession.
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  3. The therapist will ask you about your symptoms, eating habits, sleep quality, daily activities and mood.
  4. The therapist will test your general well-being and level of vitality, speech rate, posture, even the way you took off your coat when entering the clinic, along with your skin color, face, ears, mouth, scalp skin, nails, palms and many additional little details. This is done in order to form an accurate diagnosis.
  5. 19660895_sNext, the therapist will perform an examination of the tongue, which reflects your health situation, and check your heart rate, which reflects the status of energy channels that flow throughout your body.
  6. Next, the therapist will apply pressure on different points between the muscles and joints. He will closely examine the status of energy channels in your body, in order to reach the correct and accurate diagnosis.
  7. Finally, the therapist will present to you the full treatment plan in order to achieve the desired results.
  8. You will receive information about the estimated number of sessions, each lasting 50 minutes, and the cost of the treatment. You should know that the number, length, nature, and acupuncture points of the therapies might change during the treatment process.

DSC_7998OK, now that you have decided that you're going for it, you have made the right choice! It is the best solution for you. Schedule a date for a first therapy session.



Part B, laser therapy sessions:

Upon your arrival at the Nei-Jing Clinic, your therapist will be waiting for you.

  1. You will enter the therapy room and be asked to take off your top clothes and shoes. You will remain with light clothes only.
  2. You will be invited to lie on the therapy bed and feel comfortable. You will be asked to calm your body and relax.
  3. The therapist will locate the acupuncture points, according to the treatment plan in front of him, and will touch them with his fingers.
  4. Here the laser device is introduced. The therapist takes the device which emits a beam of light at its edge, brings it close to the body and aims the beam of light at the acupuncture point for about 5 seconds. You do not feel anything. No pain, no damage to the skin, no side effects and no inconvenience. Little by little you will be able to feel the stress fading and the looseness enveloping you. Your body will emit natural pain killers and neurotransmitters affecting your mood. Your blood flow will increase and your body systems will begin balancing themselves naturally. The therapy will induce a feeling of calmness and tranquility, and you might even fall asleep during the therapy.
  5. After about 50 minutes, the therapy is over. You climb off the therapy bed happy and calm.
  6. The first therapy is over. You can't wait for the next one.
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What is the laser acupuncture device?

519The laser acupuncture device is an innovative device and its purpose is to stimulate biological processes in the body (bio stimulation). The device activates a low laser radiation that is harmless for both the patient and therapist. The low power laser beam is a great choice since it is effective, safe and you do not feel a thing. The beam, in a specific and constant wavelength, is aimed at the acupuncture points in the body, thereby activating them and resulting in a similar effect as acupuncture with traditional needles. The treatment is completely painless, and there are no unwanted side effects. The device is a tool for pain management in the field of pediatrics, neurology, orthopedics, special treatments for athletes, physiotherapy, geriatrics and of course in alternative medicine, for people who are afraid of needles.

All therapists in the Nei-Jing Clinic go through proper training before using the device.

How does it work?

The laser acupuncture device radiates soft laser beams (low level laser). Their strength is low and they have one defined and coherent wavelength. The soft laser beams work simultaneously above the skin and penetrate through it, without heating or damaging it. The soft laser beams stimulate the natural healing mechanism of the body from the level of one individual cell up to the systemic level of the whole body. They stimulate the body cells, and encourage them to overcome the problem in the best way possible.

The therapy with soft laser is a combination of new technology and antique methods with a long tradition of acupuncture which proved itself throughout history.

How is laser acupuncture helpful?

Since laser acupuncture fully replaces needle acupuncture, the common Chinese method, this innovative method helps all diseases and situations that needle acupuncture treats, such as: back and pelvic pain during pregnancy, headaches, allergies, impotence and fertility problems in men and women, Parkinson's, hypertension, diabetes, strokes, heart disease, skin disease, bladder infection, lung disease, strep throat, stomach aches, diarrhea and much more.

Laser acupuncture helps prevent the tough side effects that come with chemotherapy for cancer such as: nausea, vomiting, weight loss and heatwaves. The same effect preventing nausea and vomiting was seen in pregnant women receiving Chinese acupuncture therapy. It is also known that it helps treat situations that are not physiological, and has been proved as effective for treating clinical depression, anxieties and additional mental conditions.

Smokers with pacemakers, or people suffering from epilepsy cannot go through the treatment. In addition, the treatment is not recommended for pregnant women.

The Nei-Jing Clinic has been preforming needle and laser acupuncture for many years, and our success rate is especially high.

60% of patients of people who contact us are treated with needle and laser acupuncture, while 40% of them prefer the laser treatment. Adults prefer keeping to their old habits, which include therapy with needles, and do not hurry to turn to laser therapy. However, a growing number of new adult clients prefer laser acupuncture when they realize that the treatment is shorter, more effective, does not physically penetrate the skin, does not harm the skin, and has faster treatment results. Interestingly, 95% of children prefer and receive laser acupuncture treatment.

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