Laser Moxibustion Israeli innovation at its best

The moxibustion treatment, an ancient traditional treatment in Chinese medicine, showsvery quick significantresults, ranging from immediate relief to the complete cure of diseases.

This technique is uncommon among acupuncturists, due tothe strong smell and smoke that accompany the process.

We at the Nei Jing clinic specialize in moxibustion treatment with laser acupuncture – a precise, clean treatment, with no side effects.


What is moxibustion?

Moxibustion is a healing technique designed to strengthen the blood, stimulate the flow of chi in the body, and maintain good health. The term moxibustion means heating the acupuncture points and meridians in the body. This is performed by lighting the moxa plant across different parts of the body.

Moxa is a cluster of leaves and medicinal herbs that are lighted and brought close to the patient's body in order to warm up a specific area, meridian or anacupuncture point. The plant that is most frequently used for moxibustion is sage, usuallyfrom Arthemisia vulgaris, or mugwort. Aside from its well-known medicinal properties, its leaves reach very high temperatures during combustion, and during treatment it allows introducing mild and balanced heatto different areas of the patient's body. (Mugwort is a medicinal herb with known medical properties includingquick relief of pain, fatigue, chronic weakness,blood and chi stagnation in different parts of the body, etc.)
The mixture of mugwort leavesis grinded together with natural cotton fibers rolled in rice paper. The rolled paperis usually 20 cm long, and it resembles a thick cigar. The treatment is carried out by placing the moxa plant over the desired spot, about 1-2 cm from the skin, for approximately 5-10 minutes or until the skin reacts ad reddens.

To watch a video demonstration of traditional moxibustion,click here.

How is moxibustion carried out?

  1. Direct moxibustionThe therapist rubs some medical oil on the body's acupuncture points, places the moxa, which has been rolled into a small cone. Next, the therapist lights themoxa using an incense stick. In the scarring treatment, the cone is left to burn until the end, when the contact with the skin causes stimulation of the acupuncture point. As soon as contact with the skin is made, the patient will experience either a warm, fuzzy feeling that penetrates deep into the skin, or a small pinch, depending on the level of the cone's density and moxaquality. This method will ultimately lead to the appearance of blisters, burns and scars, after the area heals. In the method that doesn't leave scars, the therapist removes the moxa cone before it is completely burned.
  2. This method is divided into two types – one type leaves scars on the body, while the other doesn't. What both types have in common is that in both the moxa is burned directly on the skin.
  3. Indirect moxibustionIn the first type, the therapist uses a moxa stick that resembles a thin cigar. The therapist lights the tip of the stick and places is above the desired area, a certain distance away, for several minutes, until the patient's skin gets reddens a little.Another method constitutes of combiningmoxibustion with acupuncture needles. First, the therapist inserts the needle into the desired acupuncture point, and then wrapsmoxaaround the outer edge of the needle, and lights it. This heats the acupuncture point and stimulates the entire area.
  4. In the second type, the therapist places a piece of ginger or garlic on the skin, and on top of one of these they place the moxa cone. The ginger and garlic are used as a buffer, but they too are attributed with special qualities that encourage the flow of blood and chi.
  5. This is the preferred method, because it is considered "friendlier", with less chances of pain or burns. This method is divided into two different types:

We at the Nei Jing clinictreat with laser moxibustionwith the same results as those obtained from traditional Chinese healing techniqes.

Limitations of traditional moxibustion treatment

Moxibustion treatment is not for everyone, especially not for people diagnosed with excessive body heat.

Exposure to the plant's strong smell that is released during burning is not recommended for people who are very sensitive tostrong smells, or patients with breathing problems.

The smoke and smell during the treatment are unpleasant and certainly deter many people. Furthermore, the smoke could endanger patients suffering from lung and heart diseases.

Pregnant women are limited to moxibustiontreatment only in the abdomen and upper back areas.

It is recommended not to perform moxibustionwith patients who have open wounds.

 NEW! Laser Moxibustion417

We at the Nei Jing clinicuse a unique method, in which the laser replaces the heat obtained from burning moxa.

The technique, brought to Israel by the clinic director, Shimon Friedlander, was introduced several years ago, and has since been used in over a thousand experimental treatments.

With this method, the Nei Jing clinictherapists use infrared laser 808nm, but not more than 50 mW. The therapists place the laser over the area for a long time, which is different in different cases, yet can still reach up to 8-15 joule. Possible techniques are circular movements, fixed point,or along the meridians similar to the stick moxa.

Results show that this method is highly effective, providing an excellent solution for patients reluctant to try the traditional way with moxa. Pain and other health problems disappear very quickly, and the body returns to its healthy self.

Supporting research

A study conducted in Oregon, USA in 2012 found that laser moxibustionsignificantly easedstrong knee pain caused by degenerative arthritis. To read the article, click here.

In China, an extensive study was conducted in 2005, which compared the effects of similar treatment methods, including traditional moxibustion and lasermoxibustion, on blood circulation in patients after a stroke. The results showed similar positive results obtained with both methods. Click here to read the article.


International studies are underway these days to confirm this innovative treatment.

After accumulating extensive experience in this treatment method, we at the Nei Jing clinic are convinced that it will help many patients suffering from a wide variety of health problems, relief pain brought on by cold or the stagnation of the blood flow. It will also help prevent and cure diabetes, infections, menstrual pain, and more. In addition, Japanese researchers recently discovered that moxibustion treatment also helps in preventing cancer.

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