Medicinal herbs

Treatment using Chinese medicinal herbs covers a wide variety of problems and diseases: headaches and migraines, blood pressure, fertility problems, respiratory diseases, urinary tract diseases, stomach and digestive system problems and more.
Medicinal herbs are also used for effectively treating anxiety problems, stress and general unrest.

דיקור סיני, רפואה סיני, נייג'נג

The Nei Jing Center for Chinese Medicine
Treatment using medicinal herbs in Chinese medicine is ancient, and there is evidence for this treatment method starting from the dawn of history.
Today too, a big portion of medicine ingredients are natural, and many medicines that do not contain natural ingredients, synthetically imitate the healing actions of herbs.

The way herbs are used is different among different cultures, although the general intention of healing is the same. Thus, the ancient eastern cultures such as Chinese medicine or the Indian Ayurveda, view disease as a symptom for the imbalance and lack of harmony in a person's health, and they use herbs in order to heal the patient's harmony and help him regain his health, while western medicine treats the specific problem, and views the problem as a temporary malfunction.

Using medicinal herbs
After the herbs enter the patient's body (by swallowing), they head to the body part that needs healing. This is done according to each herb's specific formula.

The herbs differentiate in taste, energy and heat level. The main ways to realize the medicinal qualities of the herbs are:

1. Drying the herbs, cooking them, then drinking the remaining fluid.
2. Grinding dry herbs into powder.
3. Frying herbs in wine or honey.
4. Combining with alcohol

מאת שמעון פאול פרידלנדר

שמעון פאול פרידלנדר מומחה רפואה סינית. פתח לימודים מתקדמים ברפואה הסינית למטפלים מנוסים. מעביר הרצאות וקורסים ברחבי הארץ והעולם בנושא דיקור בלייזר.