P.M.S – Premenstrual Syndrome

The Nei Jing Center for Chinese Medicine in Jerusalem achieves excellent results in treating menstrual pain in women. In most cases, the root of the problem is the woman's everyday stress, combined with weakness in the gynecologic system. These cause the imbalanced blood flow. Combined, this is what causes menstrual pain to appear. Of course, one mustn't rule out poor nutrition, which causes a lack in blood production, which means there isn't enough blood and the blood flow, as mentioned, will not be smooth.


Depression, sadness, stress, anxiety, fatigue, loss of concentration, aggressiveness, changes in sexual desire, headaches, diarrhea, constipation, rashes, increased appetite, crying, tantrums, swelling and pain in the stomach and breasts, and insomnia.Revital Lying

Not all symptoms appear at the same time, and they may appear in different strengths in different women.

The symptoms can also appear a week before the menstrual period and continue throughout the menstrual cycle.



The Nei Jing Center for Chinese Medicine in Jerusalem treats P.M.S with acupuncture, medicinal herbs and dietary advice. Both in Israel and worldwide, great achievements can be seen treating menstrual pain. In fact, the stronger the pain is, the greater the relief after treatment.

We do not usually treat P.M.S pain alone, but rather the therapy is based on identifying the causes of the pain treating the problem from its foundation. The pain itself is a sign of some sort of imbalance in the body. After identifying and treating the issue correctly, the pain will lessen and the body will return to its normal balance as well.


Patients admit that other problems disappear as well during treatment. Since the body imbalance is personal and unique to each woman, each treatment is unique as well. In Chinese medicine, seven different women with menstrual pains will receive seven different treatments, each according to the personal diagnosis done in the Nei Jing Center. We reach an understanding regarding the causes of the pain, and we choose a therapy that is suitable for each and every woman individually.

This is a totally different approach from conventional therapy, which considers pain as a fact and relies on the monthly dependence on painkillers, and doesn't really solve the problem from its foundation. The true goal of Chinese therapy is to reach a balanced situation in which the period and menstrual cycle occur without any pain or other interferences.

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