Laser acupuncture

"Acupuncture" by laser is an innovative method added in recent years to the arsenal of Chinese medicine, and it has become very popular around the world.

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Many researches have been published worldwide about the use of laser acupuncture and its integration into traditional acupuncture treatment, attesting to the great benefits of this method.

In Israel, this field is just taking its first steps, but I have no doubt that this spectacular innovation will very quickly become as popular here as it is abroad, integrating the old tradition of Chinese medicine with the latest innovations of western technology.

Since my patients come from a wide variety of society – from infants to 100-year-olds, children, teens, adults, pregnant women, etc. – naturally some of them fear the thought of acupuncture. Laser acupuncture can be a solution to this problem, aside for its many other benefits.


One of humankind's greatest breakthroughs in the field of focusing energy took place in the 1960's, when the first laser was activated. Since then, this technology has spread to a variety of fields, and today it is hard to imagine the modern world without its vast amount of laser devices, used in many high-end technologies.

The origin of treatment with light and heat energy can be found in Indian traditional therapy which uses sunlight (Rigveda). Ancient Egypt has also managed to concentrate rays of light for focused work.
In the west, the first scientific documentation of medical care using sunlight appears in the records of Hippocrates. In Russia they used curved mirrors to focus sunlight in great concentration.

In recent years, the use of laser devices for "acupuncture" started gaining popularity. The first laser devices used in Chinese medicine were way bigger than those used today (some even reached a height of two meters). Today, small and portable devices are used, of mostly three kinds: laser pen, 10/12 needle laser, and laser shower.

Types of Laser Devices:

Laser pen
This is the smallest device for laser treatment, and fittingly – it is slightly like a digital pen. Even though it is slightly heavy, it is very user friendly, and can be used for long work hours. The laser pen works with a capacity of 50 to 200 mW. The length of the treatment depends on the radiation strength (i.e. the amount of energy in joules).

10/12 needle laser
This is a bigger device, approximately the size of a TDP lamp, designed in the shape of a box with strings that emit the radiation. Today, the "12-point device" is made similar to the tradition of needle treatment.
The older device, with ten "needles", is no longer in production, but it is still used by many. The device's capacity is 10-50 mW, and in most cases the length of the treatment is similar to treatment with needles, i.e. 15-40 minutes.

Laser shower

The laser shower is a device the size of a regular cordless phone, which spreads the radiation in a wider space than the other devices, and operates in a permanent capacity of 50 mW. It is very effective in treating skin and orthopedic problems. Since using the laser shower is very convenient, some patients purchase the device for self-care at home.

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Technical details

Capacity (measured in mW) is an additional measurement of the device's radiation. In Chinese medicine, approximately 50-200 mW are used. The larger the capacity, the stronger its influence on the acupuncture spot, and in most cases the duration of contact is shorter.

For instance, when providing a superficial treatment (skin) or when treating children, we will choose a lower capacity.

The nano-meter measures the length of the radiation's light-wave, which is also expressed in its color (red, green, transparent, etc.). Longer waves have lower energy than shorter waves.

The choice of the wave's length is made according to the specific depth needed in the treatment.

Joules is a combined measurement of the wave's length, the device's capacity and the radiation's duration. This measurement expresses the total amount of exposure, or in other words, the amount of energy invested in the body. Treatment of different body parts and different ages requires different levels of exposure. For example, when we treat a delicate body part like the ear, or when treating children, we will use a lower exposure level than when treating adults or deeper areas in the body.

The contact duration during the treatment: Each point is touched for a few seconds, according to the wave's length and the capacity we've chosen: the larger the capacity and the shorter the wave is, the shorter the contact duration.


In conclusion, there is no doubt that the world of laser technology is preparing many more wonderful presents for us. In the coming years we expect great changes and innovations in this field, for example – using multiple devices simultaneously, working with different frequencies on the "six layers", and identifying new acupuncture spots that weren't properly appraised before.

Indeed, although the origins of treatment using light and heat are very ancient, a wonderful, new world has opened for us today.

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