!Thirteen Ways to Your Summer Body

With summer being right around the corner, our friends at Nei Jing Center of Chinese Medicine Jerusalem have put together an easy list of ways to eliminate bloat and look your best this summer!


1. The Given: Instill a daily exercise routine that gets your heart pumping and your body sweating!




2. Carry a water bottle with you at all times! This will get you drinking more water throughout the day and get your skin cleared for that beach day!




3. When going out for lunch with friends, swap carbonated, sugar-filled drinks with fruity tea-bag-infused water, or better yet fruit infused water!


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4. When craving a crunchy snack, swap those sodium and grease bathed chips, for some fresh crisp veggies (e.g. carrots, celery, red pepper) with homemade hummus!




5. Evenings extend, therefore going-out expands; instead of piling on the sugar-filled cocktails, opt for a shot of vodka with a splash of club soda and a few slices of lemon, lime, or orange. To really spice things up, Nei Jing Center of Chinese Medicine Jerusalem recommends adding some fresh herbs like mint, cilantro, or basil!





6. Coffee Shops, the typical hang out place; swap your iced coffee's full-fat dairy milk for unsweetended soy milk. To go the extra mile, Nei Jing Center of Chinese Medicine Jerusalem recommends opting for unsweetend almond milk with a touch a cinnamon to add some natural sweetness!




7. Ditch the car once in a while and grab your bike or rollerblades! Don't have those? Embrace those soon-to-be toned legs of yours and go for a walk or jog!




8. Don't jepordize your sleep! It is such an important factor to replenish your body, to re-energize and nourish your body for the coming day!




9. Establish a buddy system. This will help you keep not only you, but your friend or family member accountable as well (e.g. workouts, making healthier choices)




10. No more easy ways out! Take the stairs – one of the simplest ways to shed off extra pounds without even realizing – your summer photos will thank you later!




11. Meal time. Salads are a good option, however can contain extra unhealthy fats and sugars, not too mention salt. Nei Jing Center of Chinese Medicine Jerusalem recommends leaving behind the fried tortilla chips and replacing it with some shredded carrots overtop . To really go the extra mile, Nei Jing Center of Chinese Medicine Jerusalem recommends asking for olive oil and vinegar in place of the usual established dressing(s).



12. Do yoga and mediate. Not only will this help to sculpt your body and get you ready for summer, but it will help to calm your mind and help reduce stress. Eliminating stress will provide for better decision making and a decrease in cortisol levels which are known to be linked with weight gain.




13. Practice self-love. One of the most important actions, whether you incorporate the above ways into your new and life-changing lifestyle, it is most important to incorporate this. Stick the scale in the closet and stop comparing yourself to others. You are a beauty in your own and deserve to be comfortable in the skin you are in!





Sheri Shmuel

Sheri Shmuel

Sheri Shmuel

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