Tui na

A treatment method originally meant to treat pain that impairs day-to-day functioning, mainly in the shoulder blades, neck, shoulders and elbows.

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The treatment of Tui na is done by creating pressure based on the meridians – the energy channels in the body, usually done while the patient sits on a chair or lies on a bed.

In many cases, the patient feels improvement in his condition after the first Tui na treatment – following extensive questioning before the beginning of the treatment. The intensity and speed of the massage, and the use of oils are all determined by the therapist after this questioning. Tui na treatment is considered a dynamic treatment, sometimes involving pain. The length of a Tui na treatment is usually 50 minutes, and a series of treatments is advisable in order to eliminate the pain in the long run.

In many cases, the patient feels improvement in his condition after the first Tui na treatment.

The therapist combines different massage methods during the Tui na treatment, using the palms of the hands, arms and elbows in order to create pressure and movement in the meridian. The meridians are also used as acupuncture points, however in Tui na, the therapist's pressure replaces the needles.

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Tui na is known as a specially effective treatment of disc herniation, orthopedic problems such as back pains and inflammation of the tendons, neck pain, knee effusion, sprained shoulder or elbow, etc. Tui na is also known to be effective in cases of headaches and migraines, prolonged fatigue, menstrual problems and intestinal problems.

Tui na originated in traditional Chinese medicine, and is considered an effective method of physiotherapy. According to Chinese medicine, the treatment with Tui na releases the Chi flow – the energy of life which is the base for a person's physical and mental health. A harmonic flow of the Chi energy in the body stimulates the inner healing powers of the body, and releases toxins and barriers in the different body parts.

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