Vaginal skin diseases, women only


It is not a pleasant thing to talk about, it is embarrassing to report, and it impairs the quality of life of women around the world.


75% of women will suffer from vaginal infection at least once in their lives. 35% of them will suffer from recurring infections!20824001_l

Female genital skin diseases might cause itchiness, unpleasant odor, pain, secretion, redness and swelling in the genital area. These symptoms appear in most women, and do not disappear unless treated.

The vaginal area is often irritated and experiences other discomforts. Many women avoid receiving proper medical care because they expect the problem to disappear by itself in a few days. However, they end up suffering from these problems for many months.

Women who ignore the problem suffer from a decrease in quality of life, sexual functioning problems, reduced quality of sleep, they avoid wearing short clothes and bathing suits and suffer from bad moods and a decrease in daily functioning. Additional symptoms include secretions, difficulty having sex, constant pain, pain while walking or having sex, swelling of the vulva, redness, dysfunctional secretion of Bartholin's glands and more and Hypoactive Sexual desire disorder.

These problems are caused by:

Fungal infections

Bacterial infections

Skin allergies in the vaginal area

Some of the diseases that attack the vaginal area are: Eczema, Herpes, Lichen planus, lichen sclerosis, infections, Psoriasis, fungal vaginal infection, atrophic vaginitis (lack of estrogen), bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, atrophic dermatitis and many others.

Diseases in the vaginal area are complex, and so is their treatment. It is not easy to diagnose the real cause of these diseases. The bacteria that causes such diseases consists of different groups and kinds, and in order to choose the best-fitting treatment for each woman, the source of the disease must be diagnosed professionally. Full recovery from the disease requires a personalized treatment for each woman.

19524103_lIn Western medicine, going to a gynecologist entails an invasive examination in the vaginal area and a comprehensive examination of the health situation of each applicant, including lab tests. The doctor will use treatments that are accepted in their clinic, together with an ointment or soothing gel. The chances of recovery are high, after the end of the medicinal treatment, but the disease will relapse in 35% of the patients.

In Chinese medicine, there is an incredible solution for diseases in the vaginal area, quick and long-term recovery.

Non-invasive treatment brings great comfort to the patient. The variety of treatments includes: laser acupuncture, needle acupuncture, medical herbs, and nutrition advice. In addition, the patient can expedite the treatment by changing her lifestyle, according to the recommendations suggested by the therapist. Chances of full recovery are high and are in the range of 80%-90%! Furthermore, the disease does not relapse.

We at the Nei-Jing Clinic specialize in healing skin diseases in the vaginal area, and we have experienced great success for many years. Every day women come asking for help in this problem, and we help them with great professionalism.

At the Nei-Jing Clinic we work cooperate fully with Western medicine and believe that a correct combination is what will bring medicine to the utmost success.

For us, each and every patient is a case in itself, requiring personal attention, even though symptoms may be similar. Every woman has her own story. The patient receives guidance and nutritional advice that is adjusted to her lifestyle, together with a series of specialist treatments in the Nei-Jing Clinic. In certain cases we add consultation by a sex therapist. Within a short period of time the patient recovers from the disease and returns to her normal life.

A change in lifestyle leads to prevention of diseases in the vaginal area. These small changes lead to a big relief.

Women, pay attention!

  • We recommend to avoid wearing tight pants, which can cause humidity and excessive sweating, allowing the growth of bacteria and fungi in the genital area.
  • We recommend to avoid washing the vaginal area with soap, wash with water only.
  • We recommend to avoid using chemises (everyday pads), which cause excessive heat, excessive sweating and humidity in the genital area. Instead, wear airy cotton briefs that absorb humidity.
  • We recommend to avoid certain foods such as: cow's milk, cheeses, and in some cases spicy foods.
  • During sex, it is recommended to devote enough time for foreplay, in order for the Bartholin's glands to secrete fluids to the cervical area. The lube keeps the area from unnecessary injuries that lead to bacterial infection. Lubricating the area will result in easier penetration.
  • During the day, we recommend not to wear panties, when possible, so that the vaginal area will air, preventing diseases.
  • We recommend to avoid Pantiliners.
  • We recommend sleeping naked, with no underwear on.

And yet, if the vagina got infected anyways.

And if symptoms of an infection appear.

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