Mouth Sores

Americans oftentimes ignore some basic, daily routines of oral hygiene, that need to be upheld. Practicing healthy habits like these ones will most surely help you avoid such nasty things as a morning bad breath or teeth grinding.

Basic dental care

Bad breath is a deal breaker both in business and in personal life of ours. And while breath fresheners or candies hide it, they do not cure the very problem at hand… So, most importantly, the bad breath is caused by a lack of oral hygiene. It includes sleeping with an open mouth at night. […]

Frequencies of Dr. Paul Nogier

Nogier A – 292Hz: UNIVERSAL, SKIN Universal frequency, treats the Ectoderm, different skin diseases as special in the face area, nerve system, spine. Healing wounds or scare after surgery. In use to treat an embryo in pregnancy. In pediatrics: For children who had a hard time as embryos in the womb. Eye, ear, teeth, spinal cord […]