10 Step Online Program to Change your Life

Imagine having boundaries that helped keep you safe. The burdens of your spouse, your friends and your family no longer weighing on your heart and generating guilt.


Imagine what you would do if you had the energy and motivation to follow your interests. Would you pick up a hobby you have long neglected? Or start something new?


Imagine your home feeling like sanctuary for your soul. Where you can relax in a safe space and be yourself without feeling guilty.


I know this is possible for you because I have seen this in my clinic time and time again.

A 10 week transformational program based on naturopathic principles that builds healthy habits into your life so you don’t have to think about how to be healthy.
Course begins on Zoom 27/01/21
Every Wednesday at 19:00 Israel time (GMT+2)

How would you feel if I told you I could help you transform your health in just ONE HOUR a week for 10 weeks:

  • Without giving up your favorite foods
  • Without joining a gym
  • With simple changes that become habits you don’t even think about

Imagine your life being easier in every way because you have already trained your brain to run health building habits on auto-pilot.

  • Waking up enthusiastic to start the day
  • Enjoying your morning coffee without needing it 
  • Wearing clothes that make you happy
  • Exuding energy even at the close of each day
  • Losing excess weight without calorie counting
  • Making more friends because you finally feel like the real you again
  • Having a calmer mind which is better equipped to manage stress
  • Feel like you have the space you need to grow

Introducing our 10 step programme: A naturopathic prescription for whole body health – Build habits that last a lifetime

A 10 week transformational programme based on naturopathic principles that builds healthy habits into your life so you don’t have to think about how to be healthy.

Each week I will teach you about one aspect of your health. I will give you simple strategies to use each day to build healthier habits. 

Each week you will have new assignments to practice, so over the duration of the programme you will teach your brain to do these tasks without you thinking about them.

The best thing? You should see results before the end of the first week.

As you move through the programme, the results will build on each other and you will feel better and better day by day, week by week.

The course is availble for you on Teachable.com

Set up your 5 min. Consultation meeting with Maya our Naturopath.

So what is covered in this course?

Weeks One to Three

Your Body: In these sessions we will discuss hydration, fruit and vegetable consumption, healthful eating, sleep and exercise. The twist? We will talk about these topics in a way that helps you integrate their health benefits into your life without feeling like it’s disrupting your life. We all know we need to sleep more but we don’t – after these modules you will know how to implement these with ninja strategies for real people (who love Netflix like the rest of us).

Weeks Four to Six

Your Mind : In these sessions we will discuss stress, avoiding common pitfalls, feeding your mind, the importance of inspiring yourself regularly, and the value of planning. You will try different strategies to help feed your mind and create space to think clearly and get your perspective back.

Weeks Seven to Nine

Your Spirit: In these sessions we will talk about relationships, gratitude and your environment. You will learn how to turn your home into a sanctuary and how to detox your life so you feel happier and more comfortable in your world.

Week Ten

Deliberate Lifestyle vs Rat Race Lifestyle. In this session we will bring together the teachings from previous sessions. The aim of this training is to equip you with the plan you need to move forward, and to give you the tools you need to route correct when you get thrown off track.

What do you get

Access to 10 weeks of transformational teachings LIVE with Maya, a fully qualified and experienced Naturopathic practitioner who will walk you through the process. These sessions will run on a Wednesday at 7pm IDT | 5pm BST | 12pm EDT). Sessions are recorded and will be sent to you by email so don’t worry if you can’t make it. (Value 2800 NIS)

Access to 10 Q&A coaching  sessions where you can ask all the questions you need so you never feel stuck or confused. These sessions follow on from the live teaching sessions. Don’t worry if you can’t make the live session, you can submit your questions beforehand and Maya will answer those for you. These will be attached to the recording of the live training session replay so you won’t miss a thing.

Access to the printable workbook and resource material that help you track your progress so you can celebrate your wins with your family and the friends you have made in the group.You can use this to remind yourself what you need to do if you experience setbacks in the future and you need to go back and strengthen up. You can download this resource and use it repeatedly whenever you need it. (Value 25 NIS). 

Access to the group Facebook page. Exclusively for you and the people in your group coaching sessions. Small and intimate, this is a place to make new friends who know exactly where you are – because they’re there too. Here you can share your wins and reach out for support if you’re struggling. You can also tag Maya if you need additional help between the weekly training sessions – think of it as your 24/7 support network (Value 250 NIS).

10 hours of teaching and Q&A support with Maya : 2800 NIS

Access to the course only Facebook Group 250 NIS

The PDF Workbook and Tracker Sheets 25 NIS

Total value of the course materials 3,075 NIS

The price of the course 980 NIS

But as a special launch discount today you get 30% off – and pay only 686 NIS

A one to one private initial consultation with Maya is valued at 550 NIS so this is exceptional value for her support over 10 weeks.

As an investment this works out at just 49 NIS per week. That’s less than you would spend going out for breakfast.

Special Discount

Special launch discount until 17.01.21 you get 20% off – and pay only 784 nis instead of 980nis


Buy now and invest in yourself today

About Maya

I have worked as a Naturopath for the last 7 years and recently completed a Masters Degree in Advanced Complementary Medicine.

My introduction to western medicine came early, following a diagnosis of a heart condition when I was eight years old. When I reached my late teens I challenged the prescriptions I had been taking daily and after consulting my cardiologist, I stopped taking my twice daily antibiotics. 

This was the start of my journey into Naturopathy. Of learning to trust the body and learning how to support its innate ability to heal. 

In my clinic I am humbled by the ancient knowledge that this field is based on, and enjoy the renewed interest scientists have in its potential as more and more studies are being funded, and provide modern day evidence for its effectiveness.

As a Naturopath, it’s my job to help you tap into your body’s innate ability to heal using a personalised mix of natural therapies for healing. Some tools in my toolkit include:

Using the nourishing properties of food to infuse every cell in your body with the nutrients they need to be healthy. Healthy cells lead to healthy humans.

These are plant extracts which can be used for acute and chronic illness.

Nutritional supplements restore nutrients which are depleted in the body. Supplements are not used correctly by most people – Naturopathy uses supplements as a tool not as the solution.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils of different plants. Aromatherapy may help maintain mental and physical health.

Bach flower remedies help with any condition where emotion is a key element. Often an emotional trigger is at the core of pain and illness.These remedies can help retrieve balance and harmony enabling us to get back to a healthier life.

It is this personalised whole body healing method which brings so many people into my clinic after they have failed to achieve satisfactory results with their doctor.

One thing I see commonly in my clinic is the development of bad habits, often learned early in life, that have slowly eroded my patients physical, mental and spiritual health. 

Living in the fast pace of the 21st Century, it’s easy to fall out of sync with yourself and forget what it feels like to feel great. And breaking the habits of a lifetime is hard. 

If you have ever tried to stop smoking, or give up chocolate, or mid morning snacking then you know this.

But what if we gave nothing up?

What if we re-trained the brain to develop habits that help instead of harm?


What if we did things to boost our physical, mental and spiritual health as unconsciously as we find ourselves in the snack drawer when we feel stressed?

Wouldn’t building a more healthful life be much more likely? If we didn’t need to think about it? 

Special Discount

Special launch discount until 17.01.21 you get 20% off – and pay only 784 nis instead of 980nis


Buy now and invest in yourself today