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Sensational news! Wearing a bra accelerates drooping of breasts.
Bras can also cause shoulder and back pain, pain in the breast itself and skin irritations.

These phenomena are exacerbated when the bra does not fit, and it is often impossible to fit a bra perfectly, mainly because bras are not manufactured according to the natural structure of the breast, but rather the absurd ideals of models.
Furthermore, in most women there is a lack of symmetry between the breasts. Approximately 25% of women have a difference of one size or more between the right and left breasts, and most women are not even aware of their real appropriate size.

An extensive research on this subject was conducted in France about ten years ago. The study examined 320 volunteers, and the dimensions of their breasts were examined and recorded in order to study the development of the breasts without a bra. The women were asked not to wear a bra at all hours of day and night. During the first few weeks, the some of the volunteers complained about discomfort, but very soon most of them changed their minds.

The results were unequivocal: removing the bra made their breasts higher, firmer and younger looking. The distance between the nipple and the shoulder peak was significantly reduced, and the surrounding muscles were strengthened and lengthened.

Following this study and others, a conclusion was reached which holds that the bra itself is the cause of flaccid, weak, and sagging breasts. This is because the bra’s massive support of the breast causes it to lose the ability to hold and support itself, thereby losing some of its elasticity.

More big news! Wearing a bra is associated with the appearance of lumps in the breasts and breast cancer.

The bra exerts pressure on the breasts, especially on the breasts’ lymphatic drainage system.
This system drains lymph fluid from the tissues, and with it toxins, waste of decomposed cells, cancerous cells, viruses, bacteria and fluid. Once the breast is under pressure or immobile, there is no drainage of lymph fluid, and with it stay toxins, wastes of dead cells, cancerous cells. In addition, edema develops together with leakage of the “waste” back to the tissues.
This process occurs in the breast when wearing a pressing bra. Pressure on the breast prevents lymphatic drainage, and this results in lymph stasis, edema, and waste staying in the breast.

Many studies confirm this finding.
A research from 1991 found that the risk of developing breast cancer among women of childbearing age not wearing a bra was half that of those who wore a bra.

Another study from the same year showed a clear link between wearing a bra and breast cancer development.

Another research leads to the findings in the following table, which shows the relationship between duration of wearing a bra and the statistical risk of breast cancer.

Duration of wearing a bra Chance of getting cancer
24 hours a day 25%
More than 12 hours, not during sleep 1 out of 17
Less than 12 hours 1 out of 52
Never 1 out of 168
The difference between wearing a bra 24 hours a day and not wearing one at all is that there is 125 times greater chance of getting breast cancer. This contains no calculation of additional risk factors.

And other sensational news!

Wearing bras with wires direct radiation to the breast. The wire that maintains the structure of the bra and supports the breasts becomes an antenna that absorbs the radiation that is all around us, coming from cellular broadcasts, radio, television, computers, internet networks and more. All that energy is absorbed by the wires and is stored in the breast, increasing the risk of tumor development.

Wearing bras exerts pressure on points of the three major meridians of the liver, gallbladder and stomach. Over time, there appear malfunctions in the organ’s activity related to the appropriate meridian. Therefore, wearing a bra that presses on the breast, and even more so a bra with wires, will in the long-term disrupt liver, gallbladder and stomach functions, leading to various diseases.

We at the Nei-Jing Clinic recommend all our patients to live their lives without a bra. Use bars as little as possible, preferably not at all, certainly do not sleep with a bra.
During the day you should move your body, walk, do yoga, sports, anything that will move and swing your chest, so that its drainage will work at maximum capacity.
If you must wear a bra, wear loose, soft bras, without wires.

You can also place a pad over the nipple so it will not show, there are special pads for this purpose.

We at the Nei-Jing Clinic have seen improved health in women that stopped wearing a bra, an improvement in back pain and shoulder pain, red marks on the skin, proper blood flow, innervation systems towards the hands, chest pain, loss of milk production in breastfeeding and much more…

In order to minimize the risks associated with wearing a bra, the Nei-Jing Clinic therapists recommend:
• Massage of breast tissue after removal of the bra and before bedtime in order to stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid.
Healthier ways for breast support:
• Instead of a bar, support the breasts with a strip of cloth, or at the least use a bra without wires. Basically, the looser the bra is around the armpit area, the better. The best would be to go without a bra at all!
• Overcome the social conventions that speak of wearing a bra in the company of other people. The pressure to wear a bra is exerted on women in order for them to meet the public expectations, lest others will be exposed to the tip of the nipple, and so that the chest looks good and stylish. We must learn to face society with the statement of “health comes first”, thus getting rid of the bra once and for all.

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