Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain occurs when the ankle is twisted beyond its normal range of movement, resulting in the stretching and tearing of the ligaments that connect the bones at the joint.

Signs & Symptoms of Ankle Sprain

Our patients often report:

  • Tingling, numbness or weakness in the hand
  • Pain in the arm, hand and fingers, radiating from the wrist
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Symptoms that become worse at night

Some of our patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome find it difficult to differentiate between hot and cold, and others experience a weakening of wrist ligaments and muscles over time.

Causes of Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprains are often associated with sports practice, but anyone can sustain such an injury in everyday life, from:

  • Missing a step and falling
  • Stepping over an unseen object on the ground
  • Awkwardly setting down the foot when running or walking over uneven surfaces during a hike


In our experience, several factors can increase the risk of developing an ankle sprain, including:

  • Lack of physical exercise
  • Weakened muscles and ligaments
  • Lack of warm up before physical activity
  • Not wearing appropriate shoes
  • A history of ankle sprains

How We Treat Ankle Sprain

Common ways of treating sprained ankles include rest and the application of ice to reduce swelling. At the Nei Jing center of Chinese Medicine, we have found acupuncture and laser acupuncture to be very effective complements that shorten recovery time, treat residual symptoms and reduce the risk of recurrence.

At our clinic in Jerusalem, we may also combine acupuncture with other methods such as Chinese herbs, Tuina massage and cupping, according to your specific case.

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Lead Practitioner
Shimon Paul Friedlander

People Say

I hurt my ankle four months ago during a hike. I was alone, and the walk back to the entrance of the park left me completely miserable. Once back home I did what I could to reduce swelling, and my ankle healed mostly, but two months later it was still stiff, and occasionally tender. I did a few sessions of acupuncture for it, and the symptoms are now completely gone.
Aurélien V.

People Say

I play a lot of sports, and have been suffering from recurrent ankle sprains. My physiotherapist said that the ligaments in my ankle had weakened a bit from the repetitive injury, and sent me to Nei Jing in Jerusalem as a complement to my treatment. I have absolutely no residual pain now, and my ankle is a lot less stiff than it used to be. I feel a lot better now, and can’t wait to be able to go back to sports again.
Liat A.