Breech Birth

In breech birth, the baby is positioned in the mother’s uterus with bottom and feet down, instead of the usual head-down position. Many babies are in breech position early into the pregnancy, but most of them turn spontaneously. For the 3-4 % who remain in this position when nearing full term, necessitating more careful medical attention, there is evidence that Chinese medicine can help.

Signs & Symptoms of Breech Birth

Different types of breech presentation exist, including:

  • Complete breech – with the baby sitting in a cross-legged position
  • Footling breech – with one or both feet pointing downwards
  • Frank breech – with bottom first


Most breech babies are born healthy, but there is a slightly elevated risk of complications with breech presentation, such that doctors often recommend C-section delivery.

Causes of Breech Birth

In our experience, predisposing factors include:

  • Fetal abnormalities
  • Anatomy of the mother’s pelvis and uterus
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Too much or too little amniotic fluid
  • Abnormally placed placenta
  • Previous caesareans
  • Stress and a sedentary lifestyle

How we treat Breech Birth

Acupuncture has been used for hundreds of years to help breech babies to turn into a proper head-down position. At the Nei Jing center in Jerusalem, we are experienced in using it for this purpose as well, with very good results.


According to your specific case, we may also use laser acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Tuina massage, cupping and reflexology in combination with it. Combined, all of these methods will help to release tensions in the body and stimulate fetal activity, making it easier for your baby to move into the best position for delivery.

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Lead Practitioner
Shimon Paul Friedlander

People Say

I went to Nei Jing around 33 weeks of pregnancy, as my baby was in breech position and gave no sign of turning. The doctors had told me that he had grown too big for that. I did acupuncture, over the course of two weeks, and at the next scan we could see that he had turned on his own! I did not have any problems after that at the end of pregnancy, or during the birth itself. The treatment was extremely helpful, and I would recommend it to anyone in the same situation.
Judit R.

People Say

I had a pregnancy that was deemed high risk, because I have fibroids and suffer from PCOS. I knew there was an increased risk of breech presentation for my baby, and this is exactly what happened. I went to Nei Jing, and it took just a couple of weeks of treatment for my baby to turn back to a normal position! I was very relieved. I continued going to acupuncture sessions until the end of the pregnancy, and I was lucky to not have any complications.
Adele M.