Menopause is a natural process that occurs usually between 48-55 years of age, signaling the end of a woman’s reproductive abilities and menstruation. The body goes through a period of transition and change at that time, as hormonal levels are fluctuating.

Signs & Symptoms of Menopause

In our experience, some women experience very little symptoms at the onset of menopause, while for others they can be more severe and affect everyday life. Some of the most common symptoms reported by our patients include:

  • Hot flashes with palpitations, thirst, dizziness, excessive sweating
  • Urination and bladder issues
  • Swelling, constipation
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Mood swing, restlessness or lethargy

Causes of Menopause

Even though the process is natural, the symptoms can be aggravated by environmental and lifestyle factors, including dietary habits and emotional stress. To our knowledge, women with a tendency to menstrual problems and hormonal imbalances earlier in life will also be more likely to experience symptoms.

How We Treat Menopause

At the Nei Jing center of Chinese medicine, we are very experienced in treating symptoms caused by a disrupted hormonal balance. In order to do this, we can:

  • Use acupuncture, laser acupuncture and Chinese herbs to directly improve the hormonal levels in the body,
  • Give you individualized naturopathic advice on diet and lifestyle to raise energy levels and support your body through the process.

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Lead Practitioner
Shimon Paul Friedlander

People Say

I had a lot of issues from menopause, including palpitations, insomnia and even hair loss, that were becoming a burden in my life. I found out about Nei Jing from a friend, and decided to give it a try. I used acupuncture, cupping and herbs for a few months, the treatment was unusual for me, but the results are undeniable. I have seen improvements in my health that I wouldn’t have thought possible at my age, and learned many things about my own body that will stay with me even after I stop the treatment.
Emma D.

People Say

I’ve always thought of myself as a stable person, but when menopause started, I suddenly found myself crying a lot for no reason, I couldn’t sleep, and the hot flashes were debilitating. I was referred here to the clinic as an alternative to hormonal therapy, and it’s a choice that I am completely happy with. I hardly have any hot flashes now, and when they happen, they are much less severe than they used to be. I would even say that mentally and emotionally, I am now feeling like myself again.
Myriam C.