Painful Intercourse

Pain during sexual intercourse, due to medical or emotional causes, affects many people at some point in their life. For most, the pain is only temporary, but in some cases it can become a persistent, recurrent problem with severe emotional consequences.

With acupuncture, laser acupuncture, chinese herbs, tuina massage we can help you to resolve symptoms of painful intercourse.


Signs & Symptoms of Painful Intercourse

The patients who consult us for issues related to painful intercourse report:

  • Sharp, burning pain with stimulation, penetration or orgasm
  • Pain that sometimes persists for hours or days after intercourse
  • A decrease in pleasure, excitement and lubrication

Recurrent painful intercourse can have very serious emotional consequences for the people affected. Fear and avoidance of sexual intercourse, emotional distress and frustration are very common, and can affect a person’s relationship with their partner.

Causes of Painful Intercourse

Our experience suggests that many causes can contribute to pain during sexual activity, including:

  • Bacterial, viral and yeast infections
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Skin lesions
  • Tissue injury after surgery or childbirth
  • Lack of lubrication, inadequate foreplay
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Sexual trauma
  • Feelings of guilt, shame, fear or anxiety

In women, painful intercourse is often associated with menopause, menstruation, breastfeeding, vaginal dryness, vulvar vestibulitis, vaginismus, or the presence of cysts and fibroids.

How We Treat Painful Intercourse

At the Nei Jing center of Chinese medicine in Jerusalem, we are used to treating sexuality-related conditions such as painful intercourse with all of the discretion and sensitivity that they require. After an initial consultation meeting, during which we will assess your symptoms and diagnose their exact causes, we will build a personalized treatment plan that may include:

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Lead Practitioner
Shimon Paul Friedlander

People Say

I had problems with sexual intercourse for about five years. The pain was terrible, even on my own, making any kind of sex a nightmare. I gave up on it entirely after it happened a few times, and my libido basically disappeared. I felt very relaxed after my acupuncture session at Nei Jing, and in the following days I did experience some genital pain, but very mild in comparison to what it was before. After a few sessions, it was gone.
Yemima H.

People Say

I had pain during sex for a few weeks before I decided to get it treated. Tests revealed that an infection was involved, but it still came back soon after I stopped the antibiotics. Thanks to Nei Jing, my symptoms stopped quickly, and everything went back to normal.
Guy T.