Tourette Syndrome

Tourette syndrome is a condition of the nervous system, that causes a person to make sudden sounds and movements that they can’t control, called tics. It usually starts in childhood, and affects boys more often than girls.

Signs & Symptoms of Tourette Syndrome

The main symptom of Tourette syndrome are tics. In our experience, patients with Tourette syndrome have multiple tics at once, both physical and vocal. Some are very mild, and tend to come and go, others are more frequent and obvious. Some common examples include:

  • Grimacing
  • Shrugging
  • Blinking
  • Touching objects or people
  • Sniffing, coughing
  • Repeating the same sounds, words or phrases
  • Swearing, in about 10% of cases


Tourette syndrome can also be accompanied by:

  • Behavioral problems
  • Anxiety
  • Learning disabilities, ADHD

Causes & Risk Factors of Tourette Syndrome

To our knowledge, genetic as well as environmental causes are involved in Tourette syndrome. Risk factors for developing the disorder include:

  • Having a relative with the disorder
  • Being born preterm
  • Dietary issues


Among our patients, situations of stress, fear, excitement, illness or tiredness often seem to exacerbate symptoms.

How we treat Tourette Syndrome

  • Chinese Medicine sees conditions such as Tourette syndrome not as disorders of the brain alone, but as signs of underlying imbalances that affect the whole body. It’s methods, that include acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Tuina massage, cupping and nutritional advice.

At the Nei Jing center of Chinese Medicine in Jerusalem, our team of specialist has developed very efficient, comprehensive treatment programs to address Tourette syndrome, and many of the children we treat experience quick and significant relief.

  • Laser Acupuncture
  • Acupuncture
  • Nutritional Advice.

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Lead Practitioner
Shimon Paul Friedlander

People Say

Nei Jing had such impressive results with our child, I would recommend it to anyone facing the same problem. Our daughter Ellie was 9 when she started to have very serious facial tics and compulsive behaviours. She was bullied at school for it. At Nei Jing she got a treatment with acupuncture and herbs, and after two months the improvement that we saw was incredible. Her anxiety is much lower now, and she’s a lot happier at school.
Yael H.

People Say

We were a little worried about the increasingly odd behaviour of our son. We knew that he was struggling a little in school and was anxious about it, but for a long time we didn’t realize that it was more than this. He was sniffing and blinking a lot too, which we attributed only to his seasonal allergies. It escalated over time to the point it was impossible to ignore anymore. The changes that we’ve seen after three months of acupuncture have been truly impressive - he doesn’t have tics anymore, and his ability to concentrate at school has improved a lot too!
Haim L.