Constipation is a condition which branches from the digestive system. It is essentially when an individual experiences difficulty passing stools or cannot fully empty their bowels regularly. This generally occurs due to a cause of two possible imbalances within the body.


  1. Excess-type Constipation – Excessive heat within the colon, therefore presenting a dry environment where stools become stale and difficult to pass through the body.
  1. Deficiency Constipation – Inadequate amount of fluids/blood within the body, which likely will result in the over expulsion of fluids from food consumed in the body. Following will create dryness and further constipation.


Possible causes:

- Lack of fiber

- Dehydration

- Dairy products

- Physical inactivity

- Changes in routine

- Pregnancy

- Certain medications


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Foods which should be avoided:

- Products containing baking soda/powder

- Alcohol, tea

- Yeasted breads

- Refined foods (white flour, white sugar, white rice)


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Foods to reach for:

- Cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus, sweet potato

- Papaya, coconut, figs

- Bran (derived from oat, wheat, rice)

- Sauerkraut, miso, kefir, rejuvelac


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Sheri Shmuel
Sheri Shmuel