Fertility is an integral part of sex

About Fertility

We want to get pregnant, try and do not succeed. Pregnancy doesn’t happen instantly. Neither does the doctor succeed to recognize the reasons for infertility.

What is wrong with us?

If you thought that all that is necessary for getting pregnant is disposing of birth control and starting to have fun, but then suddenly discovered that achieving the awaited pregnancy isn’t as easy as you thought, you are welcome to read the following article and understand what has happened.


Throughout the past twenty years, infertility problems have grown dramatically. Today, one of every six couples finds it difficult to get pregnant, and a quarter of pregnancies end in miscarriage. A growing number of couples turn to fertility treatments in order to get help starting a family.

Fertility is the main social topic, in which we succumb to nature, and we do so due to lack of confidence in our abilities. We must return to the foundations of nature, sleep right, eat healthy, enjoy life, laugh, think and maintain true love.

Why do we swallow our food hastily? Why do we prefer to watch television rather than go to sleep, or have sex? We live in 2020, and act as salves of our times.

For several years we at the Nei-Jing Clinic see great importance in the topic of fertility, emphasize research on the subject, and provide treatments for it.

In order to improve fertility, we combine treatments in Chinese acupuncture, Chinese spices, and Tuina.

Today, the direct link between fertility and quality of life is known. We emphasize improvement of our patients’ quality of life, and the results show improvements in their fertility.

Factors that Decrease Fertility


Nutritionally, humankind today is at a low point, since the food we have been eating during the last century is the worst. In fact, a small percentage of mankind possesses plenty of food, but its nutritional quality is low, and it contains chemicals.

You won’t find one drink authorized by the Ministry of Health that does not contain chemicals. We must go back to basic nutrition, simple food, which is the key for health. Don’t read the nutritional values. If you eat the right amount of organic food, you won’t need to count calories.

We at the Nei-Jing Clinic will help you form a suitable menu in order to improve your fertility with our Naturopath.


When we talk about drugs, we think about cannabis, cocaine and heroin. What about coffee, Coca Cola, cigarettes and sugar? They too are considered addictive drugs. These drinks that we consume every day, and many more, cause fertility problems. They must be avoided.

Body Temperature

The body’s temperature is a balancing factor with great importance. It helps us with many activities throughout the day such as sleeping, digesting, thinking, relaxing, and is highly linked to fertility. Today, the body’s heat is not considered to be very important, and we raise the heat in our bodies in almost every action we do during the day.

Tight Pants

Tights restrict air flow and circulation in the genital area. Tights are so narrow, to the point that they make it difficult for the blood to flow, prevent it from reaching the lower part of our body in sufficient quantities, and cause our blood to stagnate.

Synthetic Underwear

Synthetic fabrics heat the body because they don’t allow reduced air flow and circulation throughout the body. Cotton underwear allows the body to breathe and maintain a lower temperature. Basically, we must wear minimal underwear. Think about it, in the hottest area of the body, the genital area, we wear two layers of clothing during most of the day, and even while sleeping.

We recommend, as a first step, to sleep with no clothes at all, and during the day to wear light clothes, and if possible, no underwear, or as the Scottish saying goes: “Going commando”.

Low Temperature

It is recommended not to sit on a cold stone, and not to walk barefoot on a cold floor. Very low temperature will push the body out of balance, and might cause infertility.


Over the last twenty years, the radiation around us has increased very much. Wi-Fi, cellular phones, screens, laptops, and many more, cause radiation around us, which represents the greatest health risk today.

It is not in our hands and we cannot do much in order to change the situation, but we can lower the risks as much as possible:

Do not put your cellphone in your pocket.

Place your laptop on the table and not on your body.

Turn off Wi-Fi when it isn’t used, e.g. at night.

Set your screensaver to a black screen after a minute of no use.


Pollution is a problematic topic. Here too we cannot do much to change the Western society. However, we can start the change by understanding that this pollution lowers quality of life and shortens it.

Treating Infertility

Ovulation Signs

We do not have much knowledge in this topic of course, and we recommended learning as much as possible about the subject of ovulation. In fact, cosmetics companies and the perfume industry have a lot of knowledge in this field. They studied and researched all the signs of ovulation.

Did you know?

Why do we use red lipstick and red makeup powder for our cheeks? The red color is a sign of ovulation. When ovulation occurs, the lips thicken, turn redder, the cheeks are fuller, and radiate the red color.

During the ovulation period, the body smells different. Perfume manufacturers know this, and that is why they mix the ovulation smell in every perfume, which makes us men, turn our head when we sense it.

We at the Nei-Jing Clinic will guide you in the right way to improve your fertility.

Regular Sex

Maintaining and preserving sexual activity is similar to any other physical activity, it is a regular and ongoing activity, such as regular sport activities, and it improves sexual fitness.

Today, we have no time to eat, sleep or have sex. We must revive sex life, which has gone extinct years ago.

When we were 16-20 years old, our whole world revolved around sex. Over the years out interest in it dissolved, as if it were insignificant.

After all, we know that fertility drives sex, and it is its result. Fertility is an integral part of sex. So why do many people complain about infertility, but do nothing about it, do not have a sex life, and show no interest in it? Maybe you can blame the boring life of the world of Facebook, and our waste of time in the virtual world. But it is not enough. You must set aside time to have sex, much more than once a week. That and more, talking about sex does not mean having sex. You must flirt, dress sensually, feel yourself, masturbate, feel the partner and smell each other. Adding the suitable touch will improve fertility and the sex life.

Coconut Oil for Lubrication

There are many quality lubricants that you can buy at the pharmacy. It is preferable to buy a water based lubricant, rather than silicone based. The best lubricant is coconut oil, which is a natural substance, and does not interfere with the semen that tries to advance towards the egg.

It is important to know that the body has its own natural lubricants. Most women produce them on a daily basis, and some are excreted during pre-sexual contact.

The best environment for the movement of semen is when the feminine lubricant is in its highest amount.


The vagina is the cleanest part of the body, and the vulva has a self-disinfection system. Shampoo might disrupt the activity of this mechanism, cause bad odor due to bacterial growth and infection. It is important to know that the vagina must be rinsed with water only.


 Fertility and fertility treatments are accompanied by an everyday war of many couples trying unsuccessfully to bring a child to the world.

Recurring miscarriage in the first trimester of the pregnancy cause ongoing sadness and desperation.

It is a shame to suffer!

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