Gynecology in Chinese Medicine

The female system is a complex one and highly sensitive. There are many differences between one woman to another, due to various characteristics such as the woman’s age, the nature of her menstrual cycle, her nutrition, medication and hormones consumption, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, emotional and mental state and more.

The Center of Chinese medicine in Jerusalem, successfully treats various orthopedic problems as it combines several methods together including – AcupunctureLaser Acupuncture, Tuina and herbs

In Chinese medicine there is a specific notice to the female cycle because of its complexity and sensitivity. The uterus in the Chinese Medicine philosophy is connected to the concept of self-worth and reflects the inner world of the woman. It also reflects the deepest and most secret dreams of hers.

Woman tends to change throughout her life cycle physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The rapid pace of life in the Western world might damage the delicate fabric of this system and may create deficiencies or surpluses that will be expressed as physical or emotional imbalances.

For trseatment we use:

Acupuncture | Laser Acupuncture | Tuina | Chinese Herbs | Nutrition

Diagnosis is a critical phase in the healing process and it will include many parameters including – medical history, background, patient’s complaints, pulse, tongue diagnosis, and other documents if any (blood tests, ultrasounds, and the like).

Among the Gynecological phenomena, Chinese medicine treats are:

  • Infertility- primary and secondary infertility.
  • Menstrual cycle- menstrual pain, irregular periods, bleeding too strong / too weak
  • Hirsutism
  • Fibroids, cysts, publicist ovarian.
  • Support during and after pregnancy.
  • Hormonal balance problems – mood swings, depression, and anxiety

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in combination with acupuncture, herbal formulas, laser acupuncture, and nutritional guidance enables restoring balance to the system and thus bettering the quality of life. Thousands of years of experience have brought Chinese medicine to expertise in its ability to assist in cases of fertility problems, menopause issues, and menstrual imbalances.

The menstrual Cycle

The menstrual cycle is the body’s way of cleaning the reproductive system, allowing it to regenerate every month. The normal menstrual cycle is the basis of fertility for the purpose of continuity of the human race. Cramps, immense bleeding, lumps, or almost no bleeding, emotional imbalance, etc, are considered to be a disruption of the natural flow of the body. Inappropriate diet, lack of exercise, and stress are the main factors that create this imbalance. A combination of Chinese medicine therapies and changing lifestyle habits to healthier ones, will help better and improve the functioning of the system.

In regard to fertility treatments, Chinese medicine is used as a complementary treatment to conventional medicine as supporting conceiving by reducing stress and supporting all stages of pregnancy. Chinese medicine can also be used as an independent and complete treatment for fertility: balance hormonal levels, regulate the menstrual cycle, prepare the uterus for conception and support the conception process.


Many women suffering from symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, sleep problems, sweating, loss of libido and vaginal dryness, fatigue, mood swings, etc, are treated by conventional medicine with hormones. Hormone consumption may be accompanied by side effects and is controversial in many ways. Chinese medicine treats these phenomena with great success and raises the quality of life for menopausal women without side effects or risks by treating the source of the imbalance rather than treating the symptoms.


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Written by Shimon Friedlander

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