Hypo sexual desire disorder

  • I'm so stressed out, my partner is expecting me to satisfy him, I don't know how to do it, I don't even know how to satisfy myself!
  • Everyone thinks I'm so manly, I'm scared to get into bed with girls, I don't even know how to satisfy myself, how will I satisfy others?
  • Why is there nothing on the internet about lack of personal sexual desire?

It is estimated that about a third of adult women in the United States (!) and about 20% of men suffer from sexual desire disorder.

Sexual desire, or sexual passion, is no different than any other desire. Desire is the force that drives us to new places, it is the meaning of life. We have desires for a milkshake with whipped cream, new shoes, listening to songs 41111237_swe like, traveling abroad and getting into bed with our partner as well.

Sexual desire is one of the central characteristics that define a man as manly in his own eyes and in the eyes of Western society, and manhood and masculinity mean having sex and a desire for sex. When a man feels a lack of desire for sex, he usually feels anxious, and the first question that pops into his head is: what is happening with my manhood/masculinity?

In the Nei-Jing Clinic we provide a solution – Chinese medicine treats this problem seriously.

Almost one woman out of three experiences problems with sexual desire and is not eager to jump into bed. Most of the problems are caused by the fact that most women connect sexual desire to feelings. A woman thinks that if she has no feelings for her partner, there is no room for sexual desire as well.

Please note! Our desire does not control us, we control it. Contrary to popular belief, it is subject to our notions, our viewpoints and goals that we set ourselves. The sexual desire starts in us and for us, and each and every one of us deserves to enjoy sex.

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This pleasure that is like no other depends on our self-image, our love of ourselves, and our satisfaction with ourselves. Before we turn to having sex with our partner, we must listen to ourselves, we must search for ways to please ourselves. Only then, when we are satisfied with ourselves, should we start pleasing our partner, so that we are both satisfied.

Research has shown that people with high emotional intelligence experience sexual desire more frequently and intensely. These are people that know how to "read" themselves, emotionally and physically, and know how to develop tools in order to enhance their relationships with their surroundings in general, and particularly with their partner. They are capable of managing their emotional system and making sure that they do not end up losing. Their way in life is an experiential sex life, full of intimacy, combining pleasure and playfulness, benefiting the quality of life.

However, desire comes in waves – there are times with more desire and times with less. People tend to panic when their sexual desire lessens, but it should be understood that desire is like our mood – sometime it's good, and sometimes less.

Let's stop for a moment and think,

  • Are we capable of being available to ourselves? To be there for ourselves? Do we have time to think of ourselves? Alone.
  • Do we feel good with ourselves? With our body? As we are, without any changes.
  • How much time do we spend to make ourselves feel better? To pleasure our bodies?
  • How much fun and pleasant is it for us spending time alone?
  • Do we know how to pleasure our bodies? Do we know how our body reacts to sexual stimulation?

In the Nei-Jing Clinic you will receive help in restoring the sexual desire that you miss so much.

What to do?

You consult with others, think, meet a professional, and you take care of it. You don't give up! Treating the sexual desire disorder with Chinese medicine in the Nei-Jing Clinic includes Chinese acupuncture therapy.

The therapy includes:

Chinese acupuncture or laser acupuncture in specific acupuncture points that encourage physiological and biochemical changes in the body, in order to balance the body and soul, specifically the sexual system, to release blocked energy barriers, to form an energy region and release stress.

The treatment is supplemented by medicinal herbs that calm the soul and balance hormonal imbalances in the body. Ginseng, for example, balances the function of the glands, which affects the mood and sexual desire. Other herbal extracts, combi32469360_sned with synergy in order to arouse the sexual system, even increase the pleasure from sex.

Nutritional advice is given in order to balance the body in aspects of good nutrition, healthy lifestyle and physical activity, contributing greatly to the general feeling.

Emotional support. We at the Nei-Jing Clinic recommend meetings with a sexologist (sex therapist) with a specialization in psychology of sex. In these meetings, which are conducted on an individual basis with the patient as well as with the partner, you talk about the difficulties, self-perception, wishes and expectations and about ways to improve the self-love that brings to self-desire before the desire for sex. The patient goes through a process of changing his/her self-perception, a process of love and self-acceptance. At the end of the process, the patients arrive at a feeling of wholeness with themselves, freeing thoughts and letting the mind be available for more essential things in their lives.

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The new way of life will be positive thinking that will empower the patient, connect them again to their bodies and restore their sexual desire. The therapy is accompanied by "homework", tasks that the patient will do between meetings, in order to advance the process.

In couples therapy you restore sex gradually, but you do it in a way that the partner with the lower sexual desire, the one who wants less, is the one that will need to initiate and make the first step. In this way the other side will not have to handle refusals. In couples therapy you create an internal regulation: you determine in advance the frequency of having sex according to the average sexual desire of both partners.

At the same time, the couple is taught to get to know their bodies and know how to pleasure themselves sexually without having sex, loving their bodies and improving the self-esteem.

Later, the couple works on communication and ways to satisfy the other side without skipping self-satisfaction. Of course there is "homework" as well, which you will receive from us and also enjoy doing. A meaningful experience is guaranteed.

So remember, sexual desire is caused by our thoughts and feelings. When our conceptual space is clean of disturbances, restraints, barriers in our perception of ourselves, our feelings of desire could be immediately translated into sexual desire.

When it happens once or twice, it is easy to associate lack of desire with a bad mood. When the lack of desire is part of our daily lives, it becomes a burden.

This is when you need to contact the Nei-Jing Clinic and solve the problem.

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