Learn to be in the present, and it will help prevent anxiety:

Be in the present and find your path

It is hard for us to be present and calm in every moment we experience as humans. Often, we spend most of our time being disappointed, angry, and stressed about our past or being scared and afraid about our future. We are hardly ever in the present, which is why we don’t know what we really like to do or even feel any of it. An example would be being present in the quality time we spend with our children, not being distracted by our phones, worrying about finances, or thinking about silly situations such as a co-worker who annoyed us at work. All these distractions are not reasonable as we cannot change them at that moment. At that moment, we should simply only be playing with our kids. We can think for hours about how we can solve the problem with the bank account, how we can solve that problem with our co-worker, and how we can do something about the past. However, the past is the past. The past is over, and we cannot change it. The only thing we can do from the past is to learn from it. We can only think back to the past to improve the future. We often get stuck worrying about the future when the only thing we can do is plan it. Fearing our future won’t change it, it is utterly out of our control.

However, we must also be mindful and be prepared that our plans for the future will inevitably change, whether we want them to or not. In life, we have the present, and when we receive something good we must enjoy it because, at that moment, it is the only thing that matters. Most cancer patients rearing the end of their journey say their biggest regret in life is that they feel like they didn’t do anything. Like their whole life, they were not actually existing. They did everything they were supposed to, like work and raising a family, but never lived or followed their path. However, they are always want to learn how and it is never too late to start. This is a lesson that we need to know how to live in the present, be with ourselves and enjoy what we have. For example, when we read a book, we must focus and read the book properly. We must not constantly think about how much we should be reading or how quickly we should be reading and being hard on ourselves. Even if we read one page but are present while reading that one page, it will change everything. Being on the correct path in life is the most important. It does not matter if you are walking, running, or standing on the path as long as you are on it. Everyone has a different journey, but most people do not know their journey or the best way to follow it, especially while being in the moment.

Here are some tips to learn to be present and be on your path: 

  • Let go of all distractions in life. Let go of any pressure and things that you cannot control. Start concentrating only on yourself. 
  • Put yourself in the center of your world, your universe. You will see that the people around you will start respecting you and supporting you on your journey. 
  • Those around you who do respect and support you must be let go. 
  • Keep positive and supportive people on your path. People who tell you that you are not successful enough or fast enough while on your path must be kept away. 
  • Remember that all that matters is that you are on your unique journey, not how fast you are or what your journey is. 
  • Mediate as often as you need. Mediation is a great way to connect your mind, rewind from your daily life and relieve yourself of any stress. 
  • Feel your feelings. Being in the moment means acknowledging how you feel, even if it is unpleasant. How you react to the feeling is essential, but you must feel them so you can move on. 
  • Write in a journal every day. Journaling will force you to note your mood throughout your day and remember details of what happened in it. Write down any particularly mindful or memorable moments. 
  • Take daily mindful walks and appreciate and observe the beautiful world around you. It is a fantastic way to engage with all your senses. It is also a great way to be aware of what’s happening both around you and within you.

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Written by Shimon Friedlander

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