Neck pain – stiff neck

In The Nei Jing Center for Chinese Medicine in Jerusalem, we know how to treat neck pain or a stiff neck with a small number of treatments.

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Treatment methods in The Nei Jing Center for Chinese Medicine:
The common methods used for treating a stiff neck are acupuncture and Tui na, which help release ligaments and strained muscles, while making them stronger. In addition, they improve the blood flow in the area, which helps in keeping the neck strong and flexible.

In most cases, the acupuncture itself is first done in areas that are far from the neck, such as the feet and hands, and only after an improvement is felt in the neck pain, acupuncture is done in the neck area. The treatment usually ends with a Tui na treatment (medical massage), massaging the area that hurts or is stiff.

Neck pain impairs the daily functioning of the sufferer. Most people experience light pain, while others suffer pains so severe that it forces them to stay in bed for many days.

There is no person who didn't/won't/isn't suffering from neck pain, it is one of the most common complaints at the orthopedist.

The neck consists of muscles, ligaments, vertebrae, joints and different nerves. These help us move our head in different directions, and of course, helps us keep our head up. When the muscles or ligaments stretch too much, an inflammation can appear and cause pain and restrictions in the neck's movement.

A stiff neck is expressed by the neck's stiffness (muscle stiffness), restricted neck movement and sharp pain. In most cases, the problem passes after a few days.

Many people suffer from chronic neck pain. Something triggers the pain after it is gone, and it returns. That's why it is important to treat the problem thoroughly. Neck pain can have many causes, though one of the leading causes is cramps or muscle stress.

Tips for treating and avoiding a stiff neck:
• It is advised to sleep on a hard mattress, and use a pillow supporting the neck.
• Do not sleep with an open window that is close to the neck – this exposes the neck to wind and cold.
• Use a scarf to keep your neck warm during cold days outside.
• Physical activity that strengthens and flexes the neck muscles is recommended.
• Avoid long sittings in front of the computer.
• Massage the area between the second and third fingers, proximal to the two bumps.

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