Our Irregular Routine

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How our so-called “routine” causes us harm

What is a routine? It is our regular order of activities. The times when we wake up and go to sleep, when we eat, work, and rest. Fixed days for vacation and sabbaticals, people we meet every day, things we do all the time.
We think that our lives are routine, with studies, work, and family. We mean by this that there are no disturbances and distractions from our everyday affairs, from our quiet and security, allowing us to continue doing the same things. Is this what routine means?

A routine is important for our physiological functions. The flow of hormones in our body works according to a biological clock, and cannot function properly if we have no normative daily routine.
Hormonal periodicity in a man’s and woman’s bodies requires a fixed and organized routine.
In children and teens, the growth hormone is secreted five hours after going to sleep. If a child or teenager regularly goes to sleep at 10:00 PM, the growth hormone starts to secrete at 03:00 AM, and as a result, the growth hormone is only active for a few hours.

In the recent decades, the modern Western world surrounds us with technological innovation and forces us to disturb out routines completely. We have lost our ability to accustom our body to a uniform pace of life. Now is the time to restore order and a daily, weekly and monthly routine.

Daily Routine – the Same Thing Every Day


It is important to maintain a dietary routine, to eat at fixed times, in order to feel better. It is advisable to eat six courses a day, three main courses and three medium courses. Eat breakfast as the first main course of the day, then, three hours later, eat a medium meal. Three hours later is the time for a big lunch. Continue in this way, having supper no later than 07:00 PM. After this time, hormonal changes occur in your body, and it cannot digest the food properly.


Sleep is the most important thing mechanism that must be kept in a fixed routine. The body has a biological clock set to your habits. It is important to accustom
the body to fixed hours of sleep and not to change the time you go to bed more than once a week. You should aspire to eight hours of sleep each night, at fixed


Our body is the most precious thing to us, and it requires special attention. The body is capable of signaling us, and we must listen to it. Notice various symptoms such as different smells, unknown secretions, different textures of skin, excessive sweat, pains with unclear origins. When friends and acquaintances tell you that you smell different, it is important to listen to them and to understand that the body is informing you of an abnormal change in it, especially when it comes to bad odors. Taking care of unpleasant odors can be done with frequent showers, changing nutrition and Chinese acupuncture.
Unknown secretions from pores or from the vagina indicate an imbalance in the body, a symptom that requires special attention and treatment.
It is advisable to shower a full body shower once a day, using organic soap, and shortly after physical activity. It is advisable to shampoo your hair according to its type, texture and oiliness.
In case of an itching scalp, it is important to use an organic shampoo. The use of deodorant is advisable for improving body smell as well. Only crystal deodorant should be used. It is not advisable to use fragrances that contain cream, since they clog the skin pores.
Nails should be cut once a week, and you should clean any dirt under the nails, when necessary.

Warming Up and Stretching your Body

It is advisable as an essential routine to devote ten minutes to your body, to rotate all its joints and warm them up, and then to stretch the muscles.

Physical Activity

It is advisable to do simple and light physical activity for 10-30 minutes every day, and preferably to find a fixed daily hour for this activity.

Working the Brain

Routine is important at work as well. It is important to work at a permanent job, when we know what to expect each day.
Work must work the brain and drive our motivation to advance and improve constantly. It is definitely not advisable to finish a work day when we are exhausted and tired and even worse – worn out.


Look in the mirror at least once a day. You can do so after you shower. Enjoy what you see, it’s all yours. Your private body is all yours, you’re responsible for it. Loveeach and every part of it. Love yourselves. There is no use in looking at beauty magazines and models on TV, their job is to sell illusions. You will only feel ugly
compared to them.

A Person Close to Us

Everyone has at least one person in his/her life, who is closer to them than others. A person you can speak to about everyday topics, thoughts, and secret feelings. This person can be a partner, good friend, coworker or family member. Nurture your connection with

Weekly Routine, 1-4 Times a Week

A human being is a social animal, and social life is imperative to us. It’s important for us to be surrounded with people who appreciate and love us, but willing to accept our other sides as well, those that are harder to contain.
Make sure to associate, hold a social meeting a few times a week, don’t give up, initiate. This social routine will make you think and feel, and it will do you good.


Lately, we have lost our ability to be bored. The cellular phones, smartphones, the Internet, these have become an integral part of our lives, and they fill us with interesting things, while there is no dull moment. We cannot bring ourselves to be bored. It is advisable to sometimes be bored, because boredom leads to the most
beautiful creations. Try and you’ll see!

Orgasm – Men and Women Alike

Adults have always aspired to experience an orgasm in different stages of their life. An orgasm, together with the process to achieve it, constitutes an inseparable part of our body. An average person is supposed to reach an orgasm at a frequency once a day to once a week, alone or with a partner. That is the healthy routine. When there is a lack of routine due to stress, lack of time, lack of self-love, once cannot experience an orgasm. It is important to notice that if in the last month you haven’t experienced an orgasm, this means that the body is signaling to you that something isn’t right, an imbalance has been caused, and it is advised that you attend sexual and medical counseling.


Try to do something that excites you, something that makes you laugh, cry, get angry, sad, and annoyed, each time experiencing a different emotion. Once a week watch a movie that will arouse
one of these feelings in you, read a book, create situations that you know in advance will make you experience one specific emotion.

Special Meals

Every week, eat one meal, each week a different one, something unlike the rest of your meals throughout the week. A meal to which you will pay attention and invest in special preparation.


It is important to combine participation in a number of cultural events of different kinds each week, events that touch us personally.


It is important and essential to enjoy some sort of massage once a week. The massage can be from a person who is close to you, or from a professional. The massage encourages steady blood
flow and helps us maintain balance in the body.

And Finally,

Do something once a week, something that is not important or that has no purpose, no aspiration. When you do it you have no intention of aspiring to be the best
. Actions and hobbies of this kind helps the brain clear up.

Monthly Routine, 1-2 Times a Month

Go on a short trip that does not demand complicated preparation and planning. Each trip brings with it excitement and meaning to our lives.

Break your Routine

After reading the article above, it is advised that you do an activity completely opposed to what is written in it. Once a month leave the routine, go with the flow of life, and you’ll be positively surprised!

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