Everything You Need to Know About Pantiliners

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Why do women wear pantyliner every day?
Why do they need it?
To keep their underwear clean. Is that so?

聽馃挕 You should know that pantyliners are harmful to the natural balance, and exaggerated hygiene may cause vaginitis.

What are we talking about?

We’re talking about the most hidden organ in the female body, a woman’s vaginal area, the most important area of the body.
The vagina is a kind of muscular tube, about 10 cm in length, and it connects between the vulva and the cervix. The vagina has flexible wrinkled walls (a feature that allows it to flex and extend during labor), covered by tissue rich in blood vessels that excrete lubricant substances.

Naturally, the vaginal secretes discharge originating from the cervix, in order to prevent the vaginal walls from sticking to each other, and protect it from urine acidity and menstrual flow. It also keeps the vaginal and vulva area healthy, since any type of infection in that area can spread into internal organs and even affect fertility.

These secretions do not have a pungent smell, nor an unfamiliar texture or color. They are usually transparent with a slightly milky color, with a slightly salty smell,sometimes imperceptible.There is a very low quantity of such discharge, up to one teaspoon per day.
These secretions trouble many women, and as a result they prefer to pad their underwear with pantyliner.
In fact, it is the cleanest organ in the body, and there is no need to add any special padding.

What’s the problem?

In the vagina, many viruses, bacteria and fungi live together in perfect harmony. Disturbing this harmony will cause one group to reproduce quickly and forcing others out, thereby creating an inflammation that may result in penetration of harmful external bacteria. As a result, painful intercourse may occur due to the inflammation and harmful bacteria inhabiting the vagina.
All groups of viruses and bacteria are drawn to warmth and humidity.
When the vaginal area is aired properly, conditions are perfect for all groups to thrive successfully.
Pantyliner, which are mostly made of synthetic materials, prevent proper ventilation and increase the heat and humidity. This in turn creates convenient conditions for bacteria and fungi to develop. Next comes inflammation accompanied by itching, rashes, pain, unpleasant odor and other unpleasant symptoms.
In other words, using pantyliner for absorption and drying the vaginal area results in infections!

What to do?

鈥 Avoid using pantyliner.

鈥 Only use cotton underwear, avoid synthetic underwear and thongs.

鈥 Upon heavy secretion, cotton pantyliner can be bought in appropriate stores.

鈥 Wipe the area with nonalcoholic towels.Women who are away from home during most of the day, and those engaging in physical activity, should carry an extra pair of underwear in their handbag, and change underwear when necessary.

鈥 Clean the vaginal area with water alone.
When cleaning the vaginal area, use soaps with high acidity levels and avoid using scented soaps, gels or disinfectants (antiseptics, like those used for washing hands).

We at the Nei-Jing Clinic recommend that all women go without pantyliner.
Women who come to the clinic for treatment of fungi and vaginal discharge are given the following recommendations:
Completely give up pantyliner, and carry several underwear in your handbag. In case of secretion, go to a rest room and change underwear immediately. Store the used underwear in a plastic bag until you can put it in the laundry at home. Of course, wearing a skirt makes changing underwear easier.

  • Avoid skinny trousers or other types of tight pants.
  • Wear wide pants or skirts.
  • Wear only cotton underwear.
  • It is not recommended to use “natural” or organic pantyliner, certainly not scented pantyliner.
  • At night sleep naked, in winter you can use a cotton shirt for warmth.
  • Make sure you have a proper nutrition and hormonal balance, that you are relaxed and stress free.

After just two weeks of treatment in the Nei-Jing Clinic, discharges are stopped and there is a significant improvement in side effects caused by fungi and bacteria.

Pantyliner have many great uses 馃槈

  • Pad new shoes to protect against warts. Place a pantyliner inside any shoe for feet protection.
  • Insert a pantyliner into slippers to absorb sweat.
  • Absorb sweat on days with fickle weather. Put two pantyliner under your shirt in the armpit area. This will help you dead with hot weather. Make sure that the side with the glue is turned towards your shirt.
  • Remove make-up, when no cotton pads are available.
  • Cut a pantyliner into two pieces and insert into a bra as nursing pads.
  • Lay a pantyliner on an open wound, it absorbs everything and doesn’t stick.
  • Use a pantyliner as a substitute for toilet paper when there is none, usually in public restrooms.
  • Wipe the oil gauge before checking engine oil.
  • Wipe down sweat on your arms after a tennis match.
  • Use a pantyliner as a sweatband in the gym.
    For those with difficulties falling asleep during a flight, stick a pantyliner over your eyes (if you do not have any, you can politely ask a flight attendant for one). You can also lay one over your mouth (so as not to drool on your neighbor on the plane).
    And many more excellent uses鈥

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