Pomegrantes: A grand fruit that has anti-inflammatory effects and many others!


Pomegrante has an interesting physical structure of having roughly 613 seeds, which has a significance in Judaism for the commandments Jews have to fill. It is said that Israel has optimal growing conditions. This makes it easier for us in Israel to enjoy a great pomegrante. Pomegrantes are one-of-a-kind fruit, with many beneficial compounds for wellness and health. Let’s dive in!

Benefits of Pomegrantes

1. Reducing inflammation
2. Boosts Fertility
3. Antioxidant
4. Improved blood sugar and blood pressure
5. Enhanced gut health 

Pomegrantes are able to reduce inflammation because of the numerous phytochemicals found that act as antioxidants and remove harmful substance from your body. As a result, it can be beneficial in preventing cancer by removing these harmful substances and cells. It improves blood sugar by having a lot of fiber in the fruit, which improves insulin and allows for longer digestion time. Blood pressure is improved because of it improves blood flow and reduces plaque in the arteries. Pomegrantes enhance gut health because of the abundance of fiber and acts like a natural prebiotic in our gut. In addition to all these benefits, pomegranate may increase fertility by increasing blood flow to the uterus, as well as provide important vitamins and minerals to the fetus. For those women who are menstruating, it helps PMS symptoms, and stabilizes hormones.


Why miss out on these benefits? Let’s all ingest daily to promote better health and better lifestyle!

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Written by Orly Bolender



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