Hani Friedlander

Life can be busy. So imagine coming home from a hard day to a fridge full of delicious healthy homemade food, ready to enjoy with your family.  Personal Cook Service does just that, so you can enjoy more time spent together. Chef Hani will come to your home and prepare delicious meals for you to enjoy throughout the week.

  • Graduated Hadassah College 2006 – Cooking Arts
  • Cook at Zuni Restaurant
  • Pastry Chef at Angelica Restaurant
  • Chef – Jerusalem cook
  • Mediterranean food
  • Custom Cooking for Patients
  • Cooking healthy and balanced food
  • Using only Natural Ingredients
  • Hebrew
  • English

People Say

My Life was really Stressful, Before I met Chef Hani. I had to balance work, Household, Cooking and my Children, with no Help.
Hani Helped me with Cooking the Meals, She made Healthy and Nutritious food for me and my Kids. She Helped me Reduce my stress, and Provide Good food for my Family.
Rachel F.

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Hani Friedlander

Hezkiyahu Hameleh 36, Jerusalem

Phone Number: 02-6506977

Areas of Expertise: Custom Cooking for Patients

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