Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Health and Lifestyle

  1. Drink plenty of water

          The daily water consumption per person should consist of about 2 to 3 liters. It is important to help keep your body functioning healthy as water makes up around 70% of our body composition. Drinking enough water will help to prevent overeating and help you steer clear of unhealthy choices. Replace sugary or alcoholic drinks with clean, refreshing, and hydrating water.


  1. Get enough sleep (for your body)

          It has been known that the considered amount of sleep is about 6-8 hours each night. However, everyone's bodies work differently and some people may need more or less sleep each night to function highly. Learn what your body needs and be able to provide it with that daily.



  1. Eat breakfast

          Since we were younger we have been told that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day". Well it is. It is the first meal of the day and the one that provides you with your morning energy. You choose how you start your day with this first meal. Opt for clean, nourishing, and filling foods for the best results.


  1. Exercise daily

          Your body and muscles need daily movement in order to keep them functioning well. Try a short walk/jog around the block, stroll with your kids/dog, or swim at your nearest community centre/gym. Find out new trails in your area and bring a friend, or even go shopping – if you know you do not have enough self-control to not buy out the whole mall, leave your wallet in the car and bring in small change just for an emergency.



  1. Manage stress

          Do some yoga, a nature walk, or meditation to help ease your mind of unwanted stress. Call up a friend or go to a café to liven up the mood and release any negative thoughts and emotions which are dragging you down.


  1. Feel good!

          Start feeling good about yourself! We all judge ourselves and carry around bad thoughts and emotions which play an affect onto our day. Try to eliminate those bad thoughts and feelings by starting your day off with a smile and new mindset.

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  1. Be positive/grateful

          Carry around good energy and mindset by putting out positive intentions. Even though your car just broke down and your day may not be going the best, be thankful for what you have and who you are lucky enough to have around you. These thoughts will begin to disintegrate the negative thoughts and open way for better things to enter.


  1. Balanced diet

          Light healthy foods will help nourish your body while providing it with energy throughout the day.



  1. Keep good company

          Good company will help keep your mind at ease and keep your energy upbeat and positive. It is just as important to have good company and relationships around you, as it is to eat healthy and exercise. Once you have good company, it can become much easier to begin accessing the rest because they can help get you there. Include a friend into your newly altered lifestyle and they will benefit as they help keep you accounted for, and stick with it.



  1. Organize yourself/mind

          Choose an area in your home or life to organize. It will help to clear space and junk from your life and mind. You will being to think clearer and make decisions much more easily once you create space from disorganization. Grab a broom and some good music and let all expectations go as you allow your mind and body to be free.


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Sheri Shmuel

Sheri Shmuel
Sheri Shmuel