The Benefits of Fish and Nuts

Fish and Nuts


Are you nuts? Maybe. Time and time again we always hear people saying that nuts make you gain weight, and fish is bad for you because it has a lot of fat. In modern society, a lot of the times rumors spread that certain foods were “bad” for you when in reality they provide a lot of benefits for your body (a great example would be the arguments consisting of consumption of eggs, we now know under moderation these can actually be superfoods). Research has shown that fish and nuts provide an extensive amount of DHA/EHA (Omega-3-Polyunsatured fats/Omega-6-Polyunsaturated fats). But what does this all mean? Let’s take a look and find out!

The reason to why DHA/EPA are great for your health is because of it’s chemical structure. They include certain structures, which make it easier to break down by your body because its more stable, and as a result, the melting point of these fats are lower (stays liquid at room temperature instead of solid, like butters, margarines and shortenings). Since fish and nuts are high in these types of fats, we should ingest them consistently. Examples of Omega-3-Polyunsaturated fats are salmon, sardines, tuna, mackarel, flax seed, hemp seeds, chia seeds and soybeans. Examples of Omega-6-Polyunsaturated fats are safflower oil, flaxseed oil, cottonseed oil, most nuts such as walnuts, corn and soybeans. Generally, they are both found in similiar foods. It’s important to balance these two out! An imbalance can cause too much inflammation to occur.

Benefits of Fish and Nuts

1. Improving blood circulation/Reducing “bad” LDL cholesterol
2. Regulating immune function
3. Maintaining blood pressure
4. Prevention of blood clots
5. Reducing inflammation
6. Maintaining brain/nerve function

Why miss out on these benefits? Let’s all be a little nuts and ingest a variety of these foods daily!

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Written by Orly Bolender




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