Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Traditional Chinese Medicine is a system of understanding health and disease that originated in China more than 2500 years ago. It is a living tradition that is still being improved and modernized today.

It views the human body as a system of interconnected organs, linked together by channels called meridians. Their role is to transport vital energy (Qi) throughout the body, maintaining its health and harmonious functioning. When that balance is disrupted and the flow of energy is blocked, pain and disease arise as a result.

The main goal of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to resolve these imbalances in order to restore harmony and prevent illness. It is a holistic system that takes into account the body as a whole, and considers its interactions with emotional and environmental factors. For this reason, its methods of diagnosis and treatment are often different from those found in Western medicine.

How then can Traditional Chinese Medicine be translated into our modern scientific understanding? Even though research is still ongoing, medical investigation has begun to reveal the physiological mechanisms that are initiated during Chinese medicine treatments. Among others, they have been shown to improve the count of white blood cells and stimulate the release of certain neurotransmitters, affecting the emotional state of the patient and supporting their immunity.


Although acupuncture is the best known of the Traditional Chinese Medicine methods, other techniques can be used to achieve these results, including:

  • Chinese herbs,
  • Tuina massage,
  • Cupping,
  • Nutrition,
  • Qigong, a discipline similar to Yoga that focuses on movement and breathing.


All of these methods are very safe when performed by a trained, experienced professional. They have been recognized as effective for the treatment of a wide variety of ailments, including orthopedic disorders, respiratory issues, gynecological conditions and many others.

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